“My heart stops when you look at me…”

Clarissa Holworthy’s life has always been exciting. As the most famous actress in London, scandal and gossip surround her very being, making it very hard to escape from it. When a mysterious Earl attempts to get closer to her, she quickly finds out what lust really means…

Matthew Gardiner, Earl of Montfort, has been his mother’s pawn for far too long. And her determination to sabotage his dream of becoming an actor is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Especially after he meets a minx of a Lady that seems to hold the keys to more than his dream.

Their passionate encounters quickly come to a halt when whispers spread around London. Rumors of Matthew having an affair with a Lady who is not Clarissa. Heartbroken, Clarissa does everything in her power to avoid him. Until an even more painful truth comes out, ruining everything they have both worked so hard for…

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