The ice is on fire in this super-sexy short story from USA Today Bestselling Author Sophia Henry’s Aviators Hockey series.


I didn’t realize Lexie Graham, bartender from my favorite local dive, would be working the Jingle Ball, Detroit’s most anticipated event of the year. My father wouldn’t consider her marriage material, which is fine because I’m looking for a fling, not a ring. The moment I catch her eye from across the room, her bright smile falters for a second and she swallows hard. That’s when I know I’ll have Lexie in my bed tonight.


Tomorrow, I’ll blame it on the stress of being short-staffed or the holiday music that got me feeling sentimental. But tonight, I’m throwing caution to the wind. One night with Viktor Kravtsov, hockey’s most eligible bachelor, is exactly what I need to blow off some steam before the stress of the holiday kicks in. I’ll consider it an early Christmas present to myself.

Fans of super sexy Russian hockey players with daddy issues, smart-mouth, independent women, and quick romps in casino closets will love Jingle Ball Bender.

Read this steamy short story from Sophia Henry’s Aviators Hockey series. Jingle Ball Bender was originally published in the USA Today Bestselling Anthology—JINGLE BALLS. *Story is republished with changes.


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