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She’s his alpha’s backup plan.

Duncan has always had his eye on his brother’s best friend, Aurora, but there are lines that a brother should never cross.

When Duncan repeatedly finds himself stuck in close quarters with her, he’s drawn to her, despite his brother. And his wolf can’t deny the urge to claim her, creating an inner battle. 

No one believed an ordinary girl like Aurora could hang with the alpha’s family. Even as a little sister. Which is all she is to everyone except Duncan, even the alpha with whom she has a marriage pact.

When Duncan realizes his alpha’s hold on her is false and claims her as his fated mate, it unleashes a magic Aurora didn’t know she had. She’s not a backup plan, she’s Duncan’s only plan. 

This is not a love triangle. Hidden Heart is a standalone steamy paranormal fated mates romance with werewolf shifters, witches, and two friends who become lovers.

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