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His threats are no longer empty. Can she protect her babies from a father filled with hate?

Faith McKenzie thought she had the perfect life. But as her husband becomes more controlling and demanding, she’s afraid for her own safety and terrified for the lives of her children. And after twenty-two years of ugly abuse turned violent, Faith realizes her only choice is to take her kids and flee.

Moving from town to town as her vengeful ex doggedly pursues her, she’s grateful for the family lawyer’s help concealing her latest location. But when she finally understands that her only permanent escape is to file for divorce, Faith knows she’ll have to once again come face-to-face with a monster…

Can the frightened woman bring her family back to a life worth living?

Tainted Love is the first book in the raw and gritty Behind Closed Doors psychological thriller series. If you like determined heroines, confronting nightmarish ordeals, and page-turning suspense, then you’ll be transfixed by Erin Cawood’s dark tale.

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