Wicked Obsession is FREE for a limited time!!

Free Oct 27 through Oct 31st! Wicked Obsession (The Paladin League Book 1)

The Special Forces Sergeant

He’d known they couldn’t last. Langley was Monte Carlo-scented soirées and champagne brunches. He was beer and barbecues. A blue-blooded beauty and a working-class warrior…yeah, right. As if that would work. Still, he wasn’t ready when she dumped him. And then news rolled down that someone wanted her dead. Some bastard intended to take her away from him for good. Wasn’t going to happen. Not to Langley. Not on his watch.

The Ambassador’s Daughter

What they had couldn’t continue. She wanted to be more than a convenience. She wanted forever with Ryder. He wanted sex and distance, while she craved connection. When it became painfully obvious that he never intended to let her into his life—or his heart—she broke it off. Then a threat and a kidnapper brought them back together, offering them a second chance…if they lived long enough to take it.

Download your free copy between October 27th and 31st here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07L52SGJF

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