99c The Moonshine Task Force Box Set!!!

Nobody writes blue-collar heroes like Laramie Briscoe…

From USA Today and Wallstreet Journal bestselling author comes a steamy series of love, devotion, and finding family in the friends we surround ourselves with.

Small town Laurel Springs, Alabama is home to a specialized group of men tasked with taking out the illegal moonshine business running rampant. High school classrooms, field parties, and the local Café aren’t immune to the lawlessness sweeping the town.

Luckily for the residents, they can count on the six men who have vowed to keep them safe. Some would run away from danger. They run toward it. There’s nothing too small or to big when it comes to how they respond. It’s always with respect.

While they put their lives on the line, the women they love keep the fire burning and stand behind them whenever needed.

A one-night stand results in a big surprise, a car accident offers a second chance at love, a marriage of convenience leads to real romance, a divorcee gets her shot at happiness, a single dad finds someone to share his life with, and the son learns what true love means! Meet the men of the Moonshine Task Force in this delicious series.

99c for a limited time!

Purchase Now

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