Boy, I’m Yours was originally published as part of the All-American Boy Series, but has since been removed from sale. That means it’s only available to readers like you! This story is also a spin-off from Molly’s Mason Creek books Perfect Secret, Perfect Chance, and Perfect Scandal, but can be read entirely on its own. Enjoy!

Our connection was instant. But this cowboy won’t make it easy.

There’s something about Colorado I can’t escape. It calls me back, time and time again, promising that everything I’ve ever wanted lay amidst those Rocky Mountains and beneath that moonlit sky.

I had no idea what that something was… until I laid eyes on Dustin McMurray. Six feet of charming man with broad shoulders, kissable lips, and deep green eyes that see right through me. 

The only problem is my Colorado cowboy isn’t interested in more than one night.

Even when fate leaves me stranded at his ranch, he resists. He has no problem giving me his body and lighting mine on fire in return, but guards his heart like a fortress. In his eyes, it’s better to be alone from the start than to wind up even lonelier in the end.

I know without a doubt that we belong together. I just need to convince him that no matter how hard he fights it…

That boy is mine.

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I’d never needed a week away with my brothers so bad until I’d broken up with my girlfriend. Sun, sand, surf and a few drinks to pass the nights away. The female persuasion was the farthest thing from my mind…that was until I lock eyes with the stunning brunette sitting on the other side of the bar.

She turned those pretty grey-blue eyes on me, and it was that moment that I set my sights on her. It didn’t take me long to figure out that she was there alone, even though every time she’d make eye contact with me, she’d glance over her shoulder like she was waiting for someone. It wasn’t my style to gawk, but she was damn cute.

I’ll never forget my first conversation with her either. My brothers and I had decided to move the party from the bar to my hotel room. Things got loud, and before I knew it she was standing on the other side of my door. I was even more surprised to find her wearing nothing but a short t-shirt. Only she wasn’t here to join the party, instead she was raging with anger at the fact we’d kept her up half the night.

As she walked away from me, pulling her t-shirt down to cover herself it was then I decided I was determined to show this uptight, but gorgeous woman how to have a little fun. What started out as a fling for me, quickly grows into something more. As vacation ends, we agree to keep seeing one another, but soon I find her pushing me away. Scars from her past have her terrified of the future, and I fear our love will be over before it even begins. I just need to figure out how to convince her that we are worth fighting for.

Those searching for a sizzling contemporary romance that tugs at the heartstrings need to look no further than A Kiss Beneath the Stars by USA Today Best Selling Author S.L. Sterling!

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