FREE!! Dark King by M.A. Lee!

In the mood for a standalone shifter dark romance novel?
M.A. Lee has you covered and it happens to be on FREE from Nov 3rd to the 5th!

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Dark Haven, Book 1 ➜ ➜

A King runs his kingdom and a Queen always has his back.

Years ago, Addie saw something that she was never meant to see. Believing she was crazy, no one believed her story. Still, she knew one day she would uncover the truth of what she saw out in the woods one fateful night. Now, as a journalist, Addie sets out on her biggest story yet– to cover a string of murders plaguing the small town of Bear Creek.

After the death of his parents, Gunner became reckless and dangerous. Then, one night changed everything when he broke every shifter rule and saved a young girl from a vicious animal attack. This quiet, brooding lumberjack has spent his entire life hiding who he really was from the world. Now, murders are plaguing his small hometown and all eyes are on Bear Creek. Fearing for his safety and the secrets of his pack, Gunner sets out to hunt down who or what is killing humans in his kingdom. Only, one sassy, stubborn, and sexy as hell reporter is quickly getting in his way as he attempts to take down the beast responsible for the murders.

After a fiery encounter, the pair find themselves drawn to one another like magnets. Undeniable chemistry links Addie to Gunner, but he keeps pushing her away. Gunner knows he shouldn’t be with Addie, but Addie can’t seem to stay away from the alluring man who seems so familiar to her.

Will Gunner be able to save Bear Creek and his secrets? Will this dynamic pair ever find a way to one another? Find out in this exciting shifter romance.

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