Chicago Nights series SALE!!!

The Chicago Nights series by Tabatha Kiss got a new look recently. To celebrate, there’s a sale! So, if you’re in the mood for hilarious romantic comedies with…

☑️ strong, rich women
☑️ possessive men
☑️ kinky sex
☑️ guaranteed happily ever afters

This is the sale for you!

Nora Payne, Beatrix Argento, and Melanie Rose have a lot in common.
They’re wealthy, powerful, and… single. 
But all of that is about to change.

Clive Snow. A man full of secrets.
Tall, dark, and dreamy. Ex-military.
And more than a little off-limits.

A boss can’t date her employee. That would be naughty.

Read Pretty Little Thing for FREE!

Lance Tyler. A man on a mission.
Strong, smart, and charming. A single dad.
And more than a little off-limits.

A girl can’t date the lawyer trying to put her father in prison. That would be naughty.

Buy Pretty Dirty Trick for 99c USD!

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