99c EACH!! The Stone Series Book 1 & 2!

From Book 1: 

If I could have written my story, it wouldn’t have started like this.

I have dreams that are waiting to burst out of me, but my present is suffocating my future. I want more for myself regardless of what some might think.

I vow to find my center in a new city where I will be able to make any and every choice without guilt or fear. That is until I find myself terrified of something new, Julian Stone.

My heart is still healing but I find myself completely drawn to a man who is dark, sexy, passionate, and terrified to live. I know how that feels. He appears to be living his dream, but can’t lay his past to rest. It bleeds into his every waking moment.

I want to leap headfirst into him, believing he will catch me. If he does, I know together we can tear down everything holding us back and build something stronger.

Together, we will be whole.

Books 1 and 2 are only 99 cents each!

Grab Turn to Stone for 99 cents!

Grab No Stone Unturned for 99 cents!

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