I came to Trinity for one reason-

To find B.
My pen pal.
My literary best friend.
My soul mate.
But now that I’m here, Grayson Carter-
quarterback and all-around player-
has me in his sights.
He’s cocky.
And a notorious player.
But something in his eyes tells me there’s more to him that what people see.
His contributions to our poetry class reveal a deep soul, making it harder and harder to keep my distance.
My sorority wants me to date him-
but there’s a catch.
There’s always a catch.
My head tells me I’m falling too hard, too fast for Grayson,
that I shouldn’t give up on my plan.
But my heart …
My heart is torn between what I thought I wanted and what’s right in front of me.
Between my sorority’s expectations and my own uncertainty,
I can’t decide which path to take.
Is there some way to get everything I want?
Or will all paths ultimately destroy me in the end?

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