Anathema is FREE!!

Anathema, the first book in the Just Deserts Series is free from 18th to 22nd November only!


“You can call me Sin,” he says. It suits him.

It was all for my little sister. That was why I enrolled myself in a bloody system of justice, meting out just deserts to the very worst criminals. It was all for her because she was a monster in the making. I couldn’t change that, so I did the next best thing, I found a place where she could be herself, and I could watch over her.

Then I was assigned to him – the killer with the many faces, who blends into the crowd, who watches from the shadows, who is aroused by pain, all pain, and everything changed.

It wasn’t just about her after that.

It was about him and me, and what we were becoming to each other, and that was never supposed to happen. To desire him was anathema, everything I was trained not to do.

I used to think my sister was the deviant one until I realised how handsome he looked with blood on his hands, and I realised, I’m deviant too.

Maybe we all are, in the right circumstances, with the right incentives, and with the right person.

Anathema is the first book in a new series of dark romances where themes of vigilante justice and forbidden love collide. It is for mature audiences only, and is perfect for those who like their heroes more than a little psycho.

Trigger Warnings apply, please be aware – murder, mayhem, dark dives into damaged minds, the red stuff, sharp pointy things being used at intimate moments, not asking nicely before getting up close and personal.

Download Anathema for Free

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