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The Beautifully Wild Trilogy, Book 1

– A unique contemporary romance/holiday/adventure romance 

– Opposites attract 

– Forbidden love 

– A tortured hero

– A feisty heroine who fights for what she wants

– Grumpy/sunshine banter you’ll love

– A story that will hit you straight in the feels


Most doctors don’t know how to mend a broken heart.

When I first saw Samuel McMahon standing in the sand, I thought I was hallucinating.
Beach-blond, tanned, and shirtless.
I instantly wanted him.
When I tried to get a closer look, he was gone.

I didn’t believe I’d see him again, but then we met at a beach party.
We shared a magical night that led to weeks of wildfire passion.
Ours is no ordinary holiday romance.
I crave him like I’ve never craved anyone.
He feels the same way but is torn between me and his work.

We are total opposites.
Yet we both carry scars on our hearts.
His wounds run deeper than mine and have led him to volunteer abroad.
He’s leaving in a week and says it’s too dangerous for me to go with him.
Time’s running out for me to convince him that we have something beautiful before we part ways.
Otherwise, I may never see him again.

Beautifully Wild is a contemporary romance/holiday/adventure romance, opposites attract, and forbidden love that will hit you straight in the feels. A tortured hero, a feisty heroine who fights for what she wants, and the grumpy/sunshine banter you’ll love.

Coming November 20th!

Pre-Order Beautifully Wild for 99c for a limited time!!

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