SALE from Sawyer Bennett!!

*Almost* the entire Sawyer Bennett catalog is on sale! This sale ends Monday, so act fast!

➜ Discounted ebooks and audio can all be found on my website:

(ALL digital/audio purchases from my website must be enjoyed in the BookFunnel app)

➜ Ebooks are also discounted at all your favorite retailers — Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play


★ Dax (ebook and audio)

★ Tacker (ebook and audio)

★ Dominik (ebook and audio)

★ Wylde (ebook and audio)

★ Kane (ebook and audio)

★ Steele (ebook and audio)

★ Jett (ebook and audio)

★ Riggs (ebook and audio)

★ Code Name: Genesis (ebook and audio) <– ebook is FREE!

★ Code Name: Sentinel (ebook and audio)

 Code Name: Heist (ebook and audio)

★ Code Name: Hacker (ebook and audio)

★ Code Name: Ghost (ebook and audio)

★ Code Name: Rook (ebook and audio)

★ Code Name: Grace (ebook)

★ Code Name: Tiara (ebook and audio)

★ Code Name: Disavowed (ebook and audio)

★ Code Name: Revenge (ebook and audio)

★ Code Name: Omega (ebook and audio)

★ Wicked Fall (ebook and audio)

★ Wicked Lust (ebook and audio)

★ Wicked Need (ebook and audio)

★ Wicked Ride (ebook and audio)

★ Wicked Bond (ebook and audio)

★ Wicked Favor (ebook and audio)

★ Wicked Wish (ebook and audio)

★ Wicked Envy (ebook and audio)

★ Wicked Wedding (ebook and audio)

★ Wicked Choice (ebook and audio)

★ Wicked Knight (ebook and audio)

★ Wicked Angel (ebook and audio)

★ Wicked Secret (ebook and audio)

★ Wicked Billionaire (ebook and audio)

★ The Clash of Yesterday (ebook)

★ The Revelation of Light and Dark (ebook)

★ A Discovery of Secrets and Fate (ebook)

★ The Evolution of Fae and Gods (ebook)

★ A Battle of Blood and Stone (ebook)

★ The Rise of Fortune and Fury (ebook)

★ The Shadow Princess (ebook)

★ Uncivilized (ebook and audio)

★ Love: Uncivilized (ebook)

★ If I Return (ebook)

★ The Hard Truth About Sunshine (ebook and audio)

★ Atticus (ebook and audio)

★ Finding Kyle (ebook and audio)

★ Baden (ebook) <— ebook is FREE!

★ Stone (ebook)

★ Gage (ebook)

★ Coen (ebook)

★ Ain’t He Precious? (ebook)

★ Stubborn as a Mule (ebook)

★ Barking Up the Wrong Tree (ebook)

★ Pretty as a Peach (ebook)

★ Gimme Some Sugar (ebook)

★ Off Sides (ebook)

★ Off Limits (ebook)

★ Off the Record (ebook)

★ Off Course (ebook)

★ Off Chance (ebook)

★ Off Season (ebook)

★ Off Duty (ebook)

★ On the Rocks (ebook)

★ Make It a Double (ebook)

★ Sugar on the Edge (ebook)

★ With a Twist (ebook)

★ Shaken Not Stirred (ebook)

★ Legal Affairs (ebook and audio)

★ Confessions of a Litigation God (ebook and audio)

★ Clash (ebook and audio)

★ Grind (ebook and audio)

★ Yield (ebook and audio)

★ Sexy Lies and Rock & Roll (ebook and audio)

★ The Pecker Briefs (ebook and audio)

★ Sex in the Sticks (audio)

Jilted (audio)

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