FREE BOX SET!! Heroes of Evers Series!

Heroes of Evers, Texas, Books 1 – 4

Book 1 – Love and Protect:

As the owner of Bishop’s Rescue Ranch, Cade knows a thing or two about precious creatures who have been mistreated. But when he’s asked to protect Laura Kensington, he never expects to fall for her. She’s strong, beautiful, and very scared of the danger hunting her and her unborn child. He knows he’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe.

When her abusive husband died, she thought she was in the clear. But Laura is on the run for her life. Her mother-in-law will stop at nothing to take her baby from her. She doesn’t have time to notice Cade’s muscled arms or the way his dog follows him everywhere. She can’t let her guard down and see how he’s the kind of quiet and strong man she should have been dreaming of her entire life.

Danger is coming for her.

Book 2 – Promise and Protect:

A perilous homecoming…

Promise and Protect is the second book in the heart-soaring and electrifying Heroes of Evers, Texas series by New York Times bestselling author Lori Ryan. A true masterwork of contemporary romantic suspense, it is the story of a beautiful artist returning home to danger, and to a love she never imagined.

Exiled by her father, the town sheriff, at age four following the murder of her mother, Katelyn Bowden is finally coming back to tiny Evers, against the wishes of her now-dying parent. The new sheriff, ex-New York cop John Davies, fears Katelyn’s life is in jeopardy from a killer who was never caught. Though she resents the handsome lawman her father has always loved like a son, Katelyn is confused by the passionate sparks that fly whenever they are together. But, will John be able to save her when a murderer finally emerges from hiding?

Book 3 – Serve and Protect:

She’s hiding from memories that could tear her apart. He knows getting her to face her past is the key to the most important murder investigation he’ll ever handle.

Ashley Walker was one of the lucky ones. Adopted when she was fourteen years old by a family who loved her as their own and stuck beside her through all she put them through. She can’t outrun the hell of her past, though. A hell that would haunt her forever.

Garret Hensley never imagined he’d be chasing the killer of the woman who’d set him on the path to law enforcement. She’d given him reason to believe in himself, to believe he could make a difference. And he suspected her giving heart was the reason her life had been cut so short. When the evidence leads him to Ashley Walker, he knows he has to ignore the feelings she stirs in him, because getting her to reveal the truth of her past is the key to finding a killer.

Book 4 – Honor and Protect:

Return to the Heroes of Evers, Texas with Carter Jenkins as he falls for local veterinarian Lily Winn. In between covering for the Sheriff while he’s off on his honeymoon, investigating an underground dog racing ring, and helping one of the wounded dogs heal, he also has to try to convince Lily he’s worth taking a gamble on! Will the sexy new animal doc give him a shot and risk it all?

Free Nov 26 through Nov 30!

There are two boxed sets in the completed series and the first one is free for you here: Heroes of Evers, Texas Books 1-4

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