FREE!!! Only for a short time! 

For months Vincent has watched his innocent, young, next-door neighbor. He knows it’s wrong, but he can’t get enough.

She’s his obsession.
Shy, sweet, and incredibly naive.
A true temptation.
As a hitman for the mob, his job is something he doesn’t ever want to touch her, so he keeps his distance, forcing himself to ignore the primal need to take her.

All that changes on Christmas Eve when he comes face to face with Faith. Unable to forget her sweet scent and soft smile, he knows he can’t stay away any longer. He’s going to get the ultimate Christmas gift this year… his obsession.

*This is a spicy Christmas novella that’s going to be most certainly on the naughty list. Including dark themes, filthy language, and a happily ever after.

Get yours NOW!

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