NOW LIVE!! Holiday Romances!

IN SNOW DEEP by Rochelle Paige is LIVE!

Shacking up with the head of ski patrol in only one bed after an avalanche wasn’t a part of Tory Lewis’s plan.

Grab this all-new holiday romance TODAY!!

Available in Kindle Unlimited!

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Tory thought her trip to Winter Falls would be the perfect way to spend her first Christmas after she lost her parents. Until she was blindsided by her best friend at check-in and left without a place to stay. Luckily, Gavin Edwards came to the rescue with the offer of a ski patrol cabin. 

Tory owed him even more when Gavin literally saved her life. Then they end up stranded during a blizzard…and have to find creative ways to stay warm.

In Snow Deep includes additional content (about 50% more!!!) from when it was included in the Snowed Inn for Christmas anthology.

Snow Help Me by Fiona Davenport is LIVE!

Bethenny Andersen never expected to be stranded in a blizzard with a handsome snowboarder.

Grab this all-new holiday romance TODAY!

Available in Kindle Unlimited!

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Amazon Global:

As the mayor of Winter Falls, Bethenny was responsible for the safety of everyone in town. Even on Christmas Eve, when a storm hit earlier than expected. Then Lincoln Granger showed up on her doorstep in the middle of the night, and she couldn’t possibly turn him away.

Bethenny had no way of knowing that spending the holiday snowed in with Lincoln would bring the best gift of all…love.

Snow Help Me includes additional chapters and an extra epilogue from when it was published in the Snowed Inn anthology.

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