FREE! The Wind & the Roar Duet by Cat Porter!

The Wind & the Roar Duet by Cat Porter is available now! Start the series today with Whirlwind, FREE for a limited time and also now live in audio!

“absolutely phenomenal!!” – Goodreads reviewer

“Beautiful characters, imbibed with so much feeling. Story lines that draw you in and just don’t let go. And feelings, that grab your heart and make you believe in love.” – Goodreads reviewer

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#1 Whirlwind

On the final night of my band’s sold-out world tour, my high life comes crashing down on me.

Girlfriend. Band. Best friend. All of it. Blindsided, humiliated, pissed off, I take off and slam right into Violet.

Years have gone by since we shared a life-changing conversation in the dark where an unexpected and fierce connection ignited between us.

Now our high voltage attraction explodes.

Between us, it’s soul-searing and wild. And in an impressive twist of fate, she and I are connected in more ways than we know.

The paparazzi are after me for one screw-up after the other, crazy rumors are swirling about me, about the band. But all I care about is Violet, and I’ll do anything to make her mine.

FREE for a limited time!

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Now also available in audio narrated by James Fouhey & Sofia Willingham


#2 Whisperwind

Violet is mine.

We’re meant for each other. So damn good together.

She may be stubborn, but so am I, and I won’t let go. I’m determined to make her mine.

I won’t let anything tear us apart.

I’ve fallen in love for the first time, and I won’t let distance or secrets from the past get in my way, or fame or ex lovers come between us.

This time, I’m not leaving anything to fate.

Not my band, not our new album, and definitely not my woman.

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