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Opposites Attract, Bad Boy Handyman, Fashion Boutique Owner

Bad Boy Tyler Hains is used to women fawning over him, and he’s not above wearing a tight-shirt to get extra work.

“What can I say? I am my own boss, and I bow to no one. Running my own handy-man construction business works well for my bank account and my bed.
Beautiful women are a dime a dozen and I have yet to meet one that meets my high ideals.
Until Now.”

Jasmine Scott may look like the perfect girl next door when she escorts her mother to church on Sundays, but she’s a wild one. With purple-tipped hair, she’s quirky, with her own sense of self purpose and style that has worked well for her.

“From restyling old t-shirts as an elementary student, to owning a six-figure vintage clothing business, I know how to style people and make them feel great. And now with my own brick and mortar boutique, my life is complete. Perfect. Just me, my friends, and my business to focus on. 
What more could I need?”

All That Jazz here:

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