A $9.99 Boxset on sale for just 99 cents! Grab this six book collection while you can!

Grab a cup of cocoa and curl up by the fire to enjoy this holiday collection! Six Christmas and New Year romances in one collection.

Snowed In For Christmas
Catherine “Candy” Rockefeller hates Christmas but when she gets snowed in with Forrest, will he be able to change her mind about his favorite holiday?

Stuffing Her Stocking
Beau is the least cheerful person in Christmas, Michigan. Then he saves Holly after her car slides off the road.
One look into her green eyes and it feels like his tiny Grinch heart just grew three sizes.
Will Beau be able to convince Holly that he’s the man for her and that she should stay in Christmas with him forever?

Mistletoe Kisses
Noel works for Mason and they both have too much to lose to start a relationship, but when they kiss under the mistletoe at work, they both can’t deny their feelings any longer.
Will a sprig of mistletoe be enough to get these two to see that they’re both crazy about each other?

A Very Mountain Man Christmas
Ledger has been in love with Tilly since she got to town. When a car accident scrambles his brain and has him thinking that they’re married, will he get what he wants most for Christmas?

A Very Mountain Man New Year
Snow was supposed to be a one night stand so when she turns up in Fallen Peak a few weeks after their night of passion, Wells is less than happy to see her. Scars from his childhood have left him believing that he’s better off alone. When Snow tells him that he’s pregnant, will he get his second chance to realize just how right they are together?

His New Year Resolution
Bishop Styles is resigned to his boring life. Then he meets Lennon and suddenly, she’s all he can think about. This New Year, Bishop’s resolution is to make Lennon his.


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