FREE holiday stories by seven of your favorite award winning and bestselling authors!

He’s making a list…

He’s checking it twice…

Gift Me by M. Malone

Noelle Williams believes in Christmas magic. Everyone in her family has a holiday meet-cute. It should be her turn soon, right? 

It’s hard to keep the faith when love only seems to happen for everyone else but then a series of anonymous gifts start arriving. It’s happening! Her Christmas soul mate has appeared! 

Except it’s a little hard to focus on Mr. Gift when she can’t stop thinking about the hot, tatted Scrooge across the hall… 

MILF ON THE SHELF by Lili Valente

Single mom, Maggie, has given up on love. And dating. And hope that she’ll meet a man who isn’t better left on the shelf.

That is, until her socialite nemesis swears Maggie couldn’t get a date to the Christmas Ball if her life depended on it…

Scrambling to find a plus one, Maggie calls in a favor from her childhood friend, Penny. The one who works for a male escort service…

Contemporary Holiday Mixology by Susannah Nix

After she’s jilted at the Jingle Balls ball, Gen hits it off with a mysterious stranger. But what she intends as a casual hookup leaves her inexplicably wanting more. Will she ever find her Prince Charming again, or is he lost to her forever?

It Was Always You by Brenna Aubrey


Timing has never been on our side. I’ve carried a quiet torch for Jeremy since Junior High School days. Whenever we grew closer, something happened to pull us apart again. If I had one wish this Christmas, it would be for a chance with Jeremy.


She’s my best friend’s little sister and I’ve wanted to taste those sweet lips since we were in high school. Just when I thought I might have the chance, we inexplicably got caught up in dating other people.

Head Over Hooves by Erin Nicholas

Finding true love with his one-and-only soul mate? Drew Ryan’s given up on that.

But a hot holiday fling in Louisiana, far from his responsibilities and good guy image back home, is now on the top of his list for Santa.

So when he’s knocked on his ass—literally—by a Christmas elf who’s stealing a sleigh full of gifts and using his reindeer to commit the crime, he definitely doesn’t expect to fall head over heels.

A Ransom Christmas by Rachel Schurig

Cash Ransome is the last rock-star anyone would have expected to ever get married. As Ransom’s biggest playboy headline-maker, he’s the type of guy every girl should know to run from. But Sam isn’t every girl, and as soon as they met, Cash knew he met his match. A few years (and one very big surprise) later, they’re heading to Vegas to make things official—and they’re bringing the whole family with them!

Join the entire Ransom gang as they invade Vegas for the wedding none of them ever thought they’d see—and plenty of Christmas surprises!

Tempt by Ainsley Booth

The hot guy in a suit across the aisle isn’t Hazel’s type. He’s the cold-day-in-hell type she knows all about. But when their train gets stuck on the tracks and day turns into a long, cold night, Sam’s devilish smile is hard to resist. 

The woman sitting across from Sam isn’t interested in small talk. Or any kind of talking, and he’s fine with that. So what if he can’t stop looking at her? Wondering about her? She’s not interested. End of story. Until a snowstorm traps them in the middle of nowhere, and the night stretches ahead of them. 

She doesn’t want to talk. Maybe they could find a game to pass the time. Something secret and special and limited to one night only—but a decade-old secret may spoil the fun.

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