Bad Boy Bachelor Christmas is 99c!

The Grinch ain’t got nothing on me.

The only good and green thing about Christmas is the money it rakes in.

I’m not interested in carols, candies, or dealing with extra-Christmassy type people.

Until I hire one. A hot college student joins my design team.

She makes up for her annoying jovial spirit with her sexy curves.

And her willingness to give herself to me.

If only that was enough.

When it comes to business, she hasn’t got a clue.

Or does she?

Clients love her and the Christmas spirit is practically a pillar of her personality.

Luckily, that spirit doesn’t keep her off the naughty list.

She knows how to be bad for me, and it’s so good.

What I didn’t expect was for her to help heal parts of me that have been broken for a long time.

Maybe Christmas won’t be so bad this year.

Maybe profit margins and growth don’t matter half as much as getting the girl.

Maybe it’s time to give up my bad boy bachelor status?

Or maybe not…


Beautifully Wild is only $0.99!! This special will end around the new year.

Most doctors don’t know how to mend a broken heart.

When I first saw Samuel McMahon standing in the sand, I thought I was hallucinating.
Beach-blond, tanned, and shirtless.
I instantly wanted him.
When I tried to get a closer look, he was gone.

I didn’t believe I’d see him again, but then we met at a beach party.
We shared a magical night that led to weeks of wildfire passion.
Ours is no ordinary holiday romance.
I crave him like I’ve never craved anyone.
He feels the same way but is torn between me and his work.

We are total opposites.
Yet we both carry scars on our hearts.
His wounds run deeper than mine and have led him to volunteer abroad.
He’s leaving in a week and says it’s too dangerous for me to go with him.
Time’s running out for me to convince him that we have something beautiful before we part ways.
Otherwise, I may never see him again.

Beautifully Wild is a contemporary romance/holiday/adventure romance, opposites attract, and forbidden love that will hit you straight in the feels. A tortured hero, a feisty heroine who fights for what she wants, and the grumpy/sunshine banter you’ll love.

You can grab your copy here.


A story about love catching up to you no matter how far you run…

When injury destroyed her dream of playing college basketball, Aubree Taylor fled overseas. Now she’s finally home again and ready to move on with her life. Until she runs into Hunter Stone on her first night out, the only guy who’s ever meant anything to her – and the last person she wants to see.

Since she ran out on him two years ago, Hunter hasn’t been able to get Aubree off his mind. The sexy football star has had girls all over him for years, but Aubree is the only one to have ever seen behind the cocky persona he puts on for the crowd.

Despite her attempts to keep her distance, Aubree is unable to resist the strong attraction between them and it isn’t long before they fall into a passionate relationship. She has never been afraid of a challenge, but Hunter’s arrogance and inability to trust are testing her to her limits. Aubree must decide whether to follow her heart and lower her guard…or risk losing the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

If you haven’t read this sport romance now is the time to grab it. It’s only FREE for a few more days!

Only available on AMAZON.


Noah “Ace” Murphy, Sergeant at Arms, brother, and son. He’s a Man of Carnage, who is loyal to his club. One night, coming home from visiting his brother, Diego, in prison, he almost literally runs into a young man desperate for help. Kenshin Yamoto is everything Ace knows he should stay away from. But one look into those pleading, soft, brown eyes and he finds that he can’t turn Kenshin away. Now, they just have to hope the threat Kenshin is running from doesn’t destroy everything Ace holds dear, including Kenshin.

Diego “Dragon” Murphy, who’s doing a nickel upstate, is looking forward to the day he can give the prison his middle finger. But before he can do that, he gets a visit from his brother, Noah, and is given a mission to eliminate an imprisoned DEA snitch before he can testify against a powerful mob boss. With his plate full, he doesn’t expect to get a new cellmate. To his shock, Richard Harrison stokes a fiery desire within Dragon that he’s never felt before. Richard claims he’s straight, but Dragon wants to put that to the test…

Hop on the bike with Outlawed:


She was trained to kill him. Enemies to lovers in this action-packed dystopian Vampire Romance series.

Being born a hunter, Esmore has been raised with one purpose: to hunt and kill the vampire race that destroyed the world as it was known. At eighteen, Esmore’s a Token Huntress in her Guild, surpassing her mentor’s expectations of her, despite having no magical ability, like all hunters before her.

During a raid in the once iconic San Fransisco, Esmore’s team is ambushed, and a mysterious vampire that she is drawn to captures and takes her to the Vampire Council as a prisoner. Her captor—Chase, a lethal, immortal, sexy, and charming vampire who will stop at nothing to claim her as his familiar.

While in captivity, Esmore learns information that makes her question everything she’s been taught.

Now in the year 2341, Esmore fights for her survival. But who exactly is she fighting against? The very people who nurtured her or the evil she’s supposed to hate?

Dark. Romantic. Dangerous. Your newest obsession awaits…


Crux is FREE through the end of the year!

Prince Crux is in a bind.
When the Dragon King commands Crux find a proper mate, his days of carefree bachelorhood are over. One trip to a psychic matchmaker and he’s on the path to his destiny. But it all comes screeching to a halt when he meets a human woman who lights his inner fire and makes him yearn.

She’s got a pair of roller skates and an attitude.
Courtney is supposed to be putting the shambles of her life back together. Getting abducted by aliens isn’t part of the plan. Neither is getting rescued by a scorchingly hot dragon that makes her think of an impossible future. But they have no chance together if they can’t first escape a planet full of monsters intent on their destruction.

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