CHARMING CO-WORKER by Lauren Runow & Jeannine Colette is FREE through December 26th!! 

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An Executive Assistant who is desperate to make her boss fall in love with her enlists the help of the company playboy to give her tips on how to be a vixen.

All I want is Branson Ford.

I’ve been starry-eyed for my handsome boss since the day I started working for him at Empire Media. Problem is, he doesn’t see me as anything more than his sweet assistant. I need help becoming a vixen. I need someone to teach me how to be sensual, how to be desired, and how to get the man I’ve pined over for the last two years.

So, I enlist the help of my co-worker.

My very sexy, very charming co-worker, Hunter Johnstone.

Hunter loves the thrill of the chase. He’s spontaneous, honest, and just the man I need for a lesson in passion. When he suggests we start a fake relationship, I think he’s crazy, but who am I to question his jealousy-inducing ways? His little trick works—maybe too well.

The line between friends and lovers is blurred, but maybe that’s because it was never really there.

And just as I’m about to start seeing clearly, my wish comes true.

READER NOTE: This is a standalone novel


STAY by Jennifer Sucevic is FREE on KOBO!!

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From USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Sucevic comes a new, sexy standalone novel.

Last year, I tanked my freshman year at college. It was nothing short of an epic fail.

Instead of focusing on my classes and hockey, I cracked under the pressure and lost everything important to me. Nine months later, I’ve pulled myself together and am at a new university. A place where no one knows about my anxiety or how I totally went off the rails. It’s a fresh start where I can get my life back on track and prove to my family that I’m not a screw up.

This year, I’m focused on academics. Sure, I’ll humor my roommate, Brooklyn, by going to a party or two, but I’m not about to make the same mistake twice by becoming unfocused.

Unfortunately, someone should have mentioned that to a certain hockey playing hottie. He just won’t take a hint and leave me alone. As much as I hate to admit it, if I had a type, Cole Mathews would fit it to a T with his dark shaggy hair, golden-brown eyes, muscular arms, and damnable dimples.

Oh, and did I happen to mention his wide chest?

Yeah…totally dreamy.

Er, if I were the dreamy sort, that is. Thank goodness I’m not.

To make matters worse, he’s ridiculously easy going. And yeah, nice.

Definitely kryptonite.

Which makes him much too dangerous for me and this year, I’m smart enough to realize it.

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