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Celebrate the Season with this sparkling and heartwarming holiday romance that proves second chances are real if you just believe.

Once upon a time, Nora shared the hottest kiss ever—followed by an equally steamy Christmas—with her boss’s super-sexy brother. Then he ghosted her. Eight years ago.

She’s completely over it. The incident is in her past.

When he shows up at the annual holiday party, she will not let herself repeat past mistakes. This time, she’ll stay far away from the mistletoe…

Ashton doesn’t lose control. Ever. Well, except for that one time. His focus has always been on completing his residency and fellowship programs. But seeing the gorgeous redhead makes him think that losing a little control, just once more, might be just what the doctor ordered…

Will the magic of the season—with an assist from a certain mischievous matchmaker—convince Nora and Ashton to take a second chance on love? It might just take a Christmas miracle…


Olivia Loxley was a behaviorist with the Los Angeles Police Department. Until her specialty in profiling the human mind becomes of unique interest to Commander Atarian, that is. When she wakes up in a cell on an alien spacecraft, she gathers her strength for a confrontation that never materializes. Instead, the man asks for her help in the largest raid he’s ever overseen: a pleasure cruiser christened the Paramour, which has been siphoning humans into galactic sex trafficking for months. But in order for his mission to go off without a hitch, he needs to impersonate a connoisseur of human flesh. The real question is, will either of them be able to keep up professional boundaries? Or will they bow to their primal instincts?

Free for a Limited Time

Sexting Santa is FREE!

Sexting Santa is a steamy ‘n’ short over-the-top standalone Christmas romance that will get you in the holiday spirit.

She’s exchanging flirty, dirty texts with the hunk she met on the job at the town’s holiday village.

He’s receiving snow-meltingly hot text messages from a mysterious woman.

She wants to bring her sexting relationship to the next level — real life. 

He knows the messages aren’t meant for him . . . but he’s falling for their sender. 

When the truth comes out, will there be disaster at Santa’s Workshop or a Christmas miracle?


The Rose Between Us is now FREE!

Summer fling that turned into a forever thing.

Sky McCarthy was the Golden Boy of FC Barcelona. Everyone wanted to be him or wanted to sleep with him. Until one of his one night stands posted their quick encounter online shining a not so golden light onto the golden boy. In order to improve his image Sky needs to give the public an unforgettable summer love story. One that they will remember forever and forget his misstep.
When he meets Alba in the local Starbucks where she spends her summer working and learning Spanish, Sky sees the perfect opportunity to give the public an American summer love story with a safest ending as Alba has to return to the States at the end of the summer.
But what happens when the summer fling turns into something more and time works against you?

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