PRE-ORDER!! FILTHY DISCIPLE by Serena Akeroyd & Cassandra Robbins!

COMING SOON!! FILTHY DISCIPLE, The Disciples & Five Points’ Mob Collection crossover, by Serena Akeroyd & Cassandra Robbins is coming February 21st , 2023!!

Preorder Today! 

“I can’t goddamn wait to watch the or*asm hit her pretty eyes when she realizes that Irish checks American every. F*cking. Time.

Preorder Today:

She was an assignment.
A selfish brat who’d run away from home and who’d found refuge in an MC.
A spoiled pain in my ass that I had to bring back to Daddy.
Only, Isabelle is nothing like the picture my initial research painted. Yes, she’s a brat. Yes, she’s insecure. And yes, she’s a Disciple…sort of.
But she’s so much more than that. So broken, yet so hopeful.
So lost, yet so eager to be found.
I found her.
But that means her father has too. Taking her home was supposed to repay a favor owed.
I just didn’t realize that home was the most dangerous place in the world for her…

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