Marked By Desire – The Complete Series. Five full length novels available free for a limited time. Get it before it disappears!

Hannah Mitchell is happy with life. Her boss at the bakery is a sweetheart, and some of the regular customers have even become friends.

Luke Blake loves being a U.S. Marshal. Keeping witnesses safe gave him a purpose and kept his mind busy. He wasn’t lonely, just dedicated. But sometimes, he wasn’t sure if even he bought that.

Then one morning Hannah walks into work and enters a nightmare. Witnessing the murder of your boss by the mob will do that. At first the police are suspicious of her, but after she’s pulled out under gunfire, Hannah becomes Luke’s to watch over.

Can he keep her hidden, keep her safe? Luke knows what happens when you make a case personal, but Hannah might just be worth the risk.

Grab it free here!

It will be free until December 26.

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