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Waking up in the hospital after an accident is bad enough…but realizing I can’t remember a thing—not even the sexy paramedic who claims to be my husband—is infinitely worse. They tell me my name is Tana Dorran, but I don’t recognize it, or the face in the mirror.

Alec Dorran has made a living from solving problems, but the one problem he can’t solve is how to restore the woman he used to love. He says he’ll wait as long as it takes, and he seems like a good man. I’d be a terrible person if I let him waste his time reviving a version of his wife that may never resurface.

For some, love may be eternal…but can the same be said for ours?

Shielding His Heart is Book One in the Battleboro Fire & Rescue Series, but it may be read as a standalone.

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