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The Varga Princess. Daddy’s little girl.

Being the only daughter of a motorcycle club’s president means I’m untouchable.
Add an older brother to that equation, and now you’ve got an impenetrable vault.
No one can get to me.
The Varga name has given me armor along with an invincibility complex.
Until it’s all shattered.

I’m faced with an impossible situation, and no matter how it ends, there will be casualties.
I’ve been dodging threats my whole life,
but what no one prepared me for was the threat of my own family.
Betrayal burns deep when it comes from inside the safety of your own home.

Too many lines have been crossed, and forgiveness isn’t an option.
It’s an all-out war, and I’m on the front lines.

I am the Dragon Slayer.

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When these roommates fake-date for Christmas, things become all too real—destroying the lines to the friend zone—but their friendship isn’t the only thing at risk.

Becoming a New York City fireman turned Keith into the black sheep of the family because his father, the senator and future presidential candidate, wanted his son to follow in his footsteps. His parents are relentless in their quest to get Keith to give up his dream and move to Washington D.C.

They’ve made it clear that his attendance at their annual Christmas Soireé is required—as is him bringing a date—but he can’t take just anyone to a holiday party for the members of Congress.

Enter Brielle—Keith’s roommate and friend who knows him better than anyone. She’s sophisticated, she’s intelligent, and she’s an award-winning news anchor. His family will love her.

They went to the party as friends but left as something more, and now he has to keep his parents from digging their talons into the woman who means more to him than anything.

He puts out fires for a living, surely he can keep his family from burning down his life, right?

This interracial love story will have you cheering for love to win over hate. All they need to do is survive Christmas…

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