Off the Record is FREE!!!

Off the Record is the first in the Nashville Fury series and is now FREE! If you haven’t started this series and have wanted to now is the perfect time to start! As always, it’s free to read with Kindle Unlimited.


Football and winning are all that matter.

Finding love wasn’t in my playbook–especially not with Sadie Benson.

All I ever wanted was to be the best. In high school and college, I was the top player on the field. As an offensive coordinator for the Nashville Fury, I’m on the fast track to becoming the youngest head coach in professional football history.

Until a feisty sports reporter with big brown eyes, a seductive smile, and the most irresistible curves I’ve ever seen shows up in the locker room.

Given my job, she’s completely off limits–but I can’t stay away from her no matter how hard I try. Not only is she gorgeous and sexy, but she lives and breathes the game just like I do, and she’s had to work damn hard to prove herself in this world.

If our relationship becomes public, it could ruin everything we’ve spent our professional lives working for.

Are we willing to risk it all for love?


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