Will they get their second chance at love, before fate rips it away?

As a child, Kostya (Konstantin) Barona barely escaped Russia with his life when his father was dragged off by the secret police and he watched his mother brutally murdered. Now that he leads a Navy SEAL team, his whole life is based around rescuing those in need.

Lark Sorensen is an investigative journalist. There had never been an injustice that she didn’t want to scrutinize and throw a spotlight on so the world would know about the atrocities going on around them.

Months ago, Kostya and Lark worked together in Afghanistan to help save a mother and her two little girls, and now they’re meeting up again to do the same thing. But the fiery sparks everyone expected to fly seem to have sputtered out. But little do the couple know the passion that lies underneath.

Now as lives are on the line, can these two work together to get everyone out alive? Or will the injustices of the world finally drag them under?


Bad boy football star. Innocent girl next door. Two different worlds. One small town. A million reasons why they should have stayed away from one another.

My name is Adelaide Edington, and my life was mapped out for me before I even entered the world. Who I’d date, where I’d attend college, what I’d be when I grew up. But there comes a time in everyone’s life when they face a fork in the road. Should I go left, or should I go right? It didn’t matter as long as I didn’t remain stagnant any longer.

Jett Stone opened me up to a whole new world. Reminding me that it was okay to find my own way. I could have roots in Willow Springs and still spread my wings and fly. What I didn’t expect was to fall in love with the broody football player. The boy I’d known since kindergarten. The boy who I wasn’t supposed to be with—but had somehow become my everything.


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Sometimes one wild night turns out to be so much more.

My friends call me Sister Callie. I’m the good girl. The responsible one who never took a risk and always did what was expected of me.

But that was before Jayden Reed stood before me, shirtless, jeans unbuttoned, and a sinful smile that promised to do wicked, wicked things to me.

I want him. I want to be reckless. I want one wild night. Consequences be damned, it’s time to be a bad, bad girl. Except I never imagined the consequences would come with a side of murder.


The doctor is in … trouble

WARNING: Contains full-frontal aprons, a belly-dancing herbalist with a mile-wide stubborn streak, a doctor open to alternative…healing techniques, and a nor’easter that encourages sensual, snowed-in shenanigans. Contains mature themes and sexual situations, 18+ only.

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House Calls

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