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They say the devil goes by many names, and I know four of them: Ciro, Hale, Zaid, and Lucas.

My father was once a powerful player in the Chicago underground, but six years ago, he left that life behind.

We changed our names.
Our identities.
Our lives.

The ghosts of the past never forgot him though. They never forgot me.

Dad promised me we were safe, but I should’ve known that was just another one of his lies.

The past always finds you, and mine finds me on my wedding day when four brutal, dangerous men drag me from the altar in a hail of gunfire.

Four men who used to be four boys.
Four boys I cared about.
Four boys I left behind.

They’re not the same boys I knew though, and whatever we may have once been to each other, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Because they’re only one thing to me now:

My captors.


Zeno De Rossi is arrogant and callous.
Nothing like the boy I grew up with.

He’s poised to take over the most powerful mafia family in New York.
To him, I’m nothing but the daughter of a soldier—a member of the staff at his grand estate…
Until his estranged brother comes home and shows an interest in me.

Now, I’m trapped in a dangerous dance between two men who hate one another.

Both have secrets.
Neither is safe.

They won’t quit until they destroy one another, and I have become their weapon of choice.

In this dark retelling of the Jane Austen classic, Pride & Prejudice, our elusive hero is a mafia king, ruthless and calculating; and our heroine is a headstrong modern woman born and raised in the servant’s quarters of his estate. Complete with romance, heartbreak, violence, manipulation, and mind-blowing twists, this edgy retelling is perfect for Austen fans who crave the darker side of Darcy.

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Luca Coresetti never failed at anything. This New York based Tech Tycoon made his first billion by the age of twenty-three and never looked back. Years later, he’s left with an alcoholic ex-wife and a teenager who hates him. A jaded man with no hope of true love, Luca’s only goal is to help his daughter, but then a sexy Italian walks into his life.

Dr. Bella Ricci had no reason to agree to Luca’s proposal. A teenage girl didn’t need a nanny, she needed a role model. But Luca was maddeningly irresistible, and Jenny was everything she dreamed a daughter could be. When they worked their way into Bella’s heart, it was hard to say no.

Now, when faced with an inevitable struggle, Bella has two choices: let the handsome man with a complicated past help her, or move forward on her own without the two people who have become her world. 

Will Bella and Luca survive the fight to true love?

Heat Level: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Genre: Steamy Billionaire Romance

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