How many bad choices can a girl make? Because they keep stacking up…

New to Sterling Falls, I witness the three owners of a lavish, masquerade fight club kill someone–and then they catch me.

When I refuse to leave town as they demand, I find myself on the receiving end of their ruthlessness. I have no choice but to turn to a greater evil for a loan just to survive.

Except I keep catching the attention of the club owners. And with their attention comes unwanted feelings: Attraction. Desire. Loathing.

Jace is cold and cruel, and he makes me fall at his feet when I’m at my lowest. But he intrigues me as much as he terrifies me.

Wolfe sees through my mask. Son of a biker gang leader, and a monster in his own right, I can’t help but feel oddly protected when I’m around him.

Sweet and charming Apollo… behind closed doors, he’s wicked. Addictive.

But the secrets surrounding them are dangerous. When I accidentally unravel them, it puts all of us in jeopardy.

THIEF is a full-length, mature college/new adult romance with dark themes. This is a reverse harem, #whychoose novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This is book one of four in the series.


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Each book in the Adair Family Series can be read as a standalone. There With You is a nanny/single dad age gap romantic suspense set in the Scottish Highlands.

For Regan Penhaligon, there’s no better place to run to than the exclusive Ardnoch Estate in the remote Scottish Highlands. Her impulsive behavior has finally caught up with her and Regan’s visit with her sister, Robyn, is an opportunity to hide from someone who has grown dangerously obsessed with her.

Determined to make amends for her mistakes, Regan plans to repair her relationship with Robyn by staying close. And when an offer of help comes from Thane Adair, Regan gratefully accepts.

Widower, Thane, needs a new nanny housekeeper for his two young children and when they bond with Regan Penhaligon, he offers her the job. But as the weeks pass and the complex American reveals who she really is, Thane struggles with his growing attraction to her.

Regan never expected to feel so intensely for Thane, but she can’t deny her passion for him or her love for his children. When someone from Thane’s past threatens his family, Regan wants to be his pillar of support. However, his continued inability to trust her might just destroy their chance at future happiness… and the person who drove Regan to Ardnoch might snuff out her chance for any future at all.


A swoony billionaire contemporary romance prequel to USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde’s Cruel Truth.

I’m not prepared to meet someone as sexy as Sam Rutherford on the first day of my new job.

Then I find out we’re sharing an office…for the next year.

I can’t deny that I’m intrigued by his charming Southern drawl and rugged good looks. Normally I would have jumped at the chance.

But there’s only one problem.

He has no idea who I am. I’m not just Lark, the cute girl at work.

I’m a multibillion-dollar heiress. And I made a deal with my parents: one year away from the city and then I take over the family business.

Despite everything, I want to risk it for him.

I don’t care if I break my cruel promise.

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A sexy second chance billionaire romance set in the dark and glamorous underbelly of the Upper East Side from USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde.

Natalie Bishop was just supposed to be a one night stand. Until she steps out of the ocean at my summer home in the Hamptons completely naked.
The minute I see her, I know I can’t walk away.

She claims that she’s just here to watch the house while it undergoes renovations. That she has no interest in rekindling our fire. But every weighted glance says it’s a lie.

I don’t care that I’m Manhattan royalty and she’s the help.

Only that she’s living in my summer home. With me.

And I want more.

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What happens when the person you fall in love with isn’t who you thought?

When Mysti Larson first stepped foot in Seaside, she hadn’t intended to stay. The sleepy little town was nothing more than a place to refuel as she headed down the coast. Then fate took over, handing her a job, a home, and friends she adored, before she fell for the love of her life.

But life in Seaside wasn’t what it seemed. There was a dark secret hidden under the surface of the town. As belongings went missing, and things in her home were moved, no amount of security cameras could make her feel safe. 

When her own secrets catch up with her, will Mysti’s friends be able to save her, or will the mystery that’s been plaguing the town come to take her life?

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Two nights. No names. No expectations. A lifetime of consequences.

Graduating from law school means finally stepping into my destined role in the Hawke empire.
But before I head home to NOLA to settle into the family’s multi-billion-dollar business, I need one night to celebrate.
Ideally with the redhead who won’t stop eye-f-cking me from across the bar.
I never intend it to turn into an entire weekend in bed with her.
Yet, somehow, that’s exactly where we end up.
There are only two rules—no names and no expectations.
Easy to agree to at the time.
Impossible to abide by once I realize how incredible she is.
One night isn’t enough.
Not even two are.
A lifetime won’t be.
We fell into the unexpected, and it will change everything.

Night Hawke is the prequel to The Hawke Family Second Generation Series. Grab this steamy story about a two-nightstand between a billionaire heir attorney and the mystery woman running from her life who becomes so much more.

*Night Hawke starts the second generation of the Hawke Family but it it not necessary to read the first generation*



King was just another patient. A criminal. I wasn’t even sure that was his real name.

As a prison nurse, I knew the rules: do my job, don’t get involved, and never let a prisoner get under my skin.

I broke all three.

My passion, my obsession, my addiction. I risked my entire life so we could be together.

I thought helping him escape from prison would be the hard part.

It turns out when you fall in love with a villain, you also turn into one.

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This is romantic suspense at its best. A former SEAL, an abandoned child, and a chemistry so hot that it flies off the page!

Cheyenne Elias has inherited a child. A boy she doesn’t know and doesn’t particularly want; a boy whose mother was once Cheyenne’s most hated person in the world. There are a million reasons to walk away: her anger, her past, her certainty that there is nothing benevolent in this act by a woman who almost killed her. But abandoning the boy to a system she barely survived is not an option…

Will Blackheart has lost everything. His SEAL team, his country, and—upon occasion—his mind. Worse, he’s lost something that has the capacity to kill thousands. Left for dead in the Afghan desert, Will has risen solely to regain that which was taken…and to punish those who dared take it.

His only lead is the son of a dead woman. Her only goal is to save a child. As they come together in a clash of anger, mistrust and potent, unwanted desire, Will and Cheyenne must put aside their differences and navigate the endgame of a woman for whom nothing was taboo…


There’s no such thing as unconditional love, right? Right?


I know it seems like I’ve got the world at my feet, but don’t always believe what you see. Yes, I’ve won a scholarship to Australia to study koalas, and yes, the hottest stranger I’ve ever met kisses me almost the second I arrive. And sure, that stranger just happens to be in the dorm room down the hall from me and every time he looks at me I know exactly what he’s thinking and it sends an excited thrill through me.
But Raphael doesn’t know what I know: that my future is pretty much written and romance isn’t a part of it, no matter how much I wish it was.


I wasn’t planning on falling for the American student who has no idea who I am. Maci makes me smile and forget about the paparazzi stalking my every move. Suddenly I’m thinking about a life with her in it all the time, and that’s a life I like the thought of. When I’m with her, I feel grounded and happy and ready to face anything. But there’s something Maci is not telling me. Something she insists will make me not want her at all.
Something that, when I find out, makes me reassess what I thought I knew about life, love, and happy ever afters. Something that changes everything.

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TOXIC LOVE (part 1 in the completed toxic novella duet. Head over to any major retailer for Toxic Desires!)

Would I be able to find my way out of the hell I was forced to call home?

Meeting Aaron was the biggest mistake of my life. Not the addictions or my career choice, but the man I chose to marry. He wanted men to hurt me so he could ride in on the white horse to rescue me and take me away from the person he commanded to cause me all the pain in the first place. He was no hero. No white knight. 

Aaron took it too far when he brought a man to our home who looked past the bruises and saw the broken woman beneath them. Ryan was fiercely protective from the moment he laid his eyes on me and received his assignment. His dark confidence was more intoxicating than any drug, and I found myself wanting more of it.

Would I be able to find my way out of the hell I was forced to call home?  

Toxic Love is one of the first stories in Lauren Biel’s “After Dark” novellas. These stories will have more steam or spice in them than her novels. 

TW: Non consensual sharing, abuse and manipulation, dubious consent, sexual content, violence, substance abuse, abduction fantasy, obsession, stalking. (THERE’S AN HEA WITH A SAVIOR HERO!) 

This contemporary dark romance novella is strongly recommended for adult readers only.

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She will lose the bet, but he’ll more than make up for her loss.

He won’t stop until he makes me his and he’ll do it one devastating kiss at a time.

I like my life simple. Wake up. Race my bike. Ride a dick. Rinse and repeat.

I don’t come from any of Louisiana’s old or monied families. I’m not one to need pampering and I prefer a hint of danger with my breakfast.

That’s why I begin to seriously consider the President of the all-women Flossin’ on Stiletto wHeels Motorcycle Club’s offer to recruit me.

I just have one problem.

His name is An Bao Luong. He’s everything I steer clear of. His family comes from money, though I’m not certain how they earn their living. He’s my street racing rival who has stolen too many wins for me to be happy about. And he keeps trying to take care of me.

I can’t afford to soften to his nice guy routine. If I do, how will I ever recover when he disappears like everyone else in my life?

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The darkness, where the betrayals of his past and the dangers of my present collide.

The elite.

The feared. 

The puppet masters.

Surviving the deadly sting of the scorpion binds us to this society. 

Tethering the corrupt.

When the power shifts within, women become expendable. Pawns.

Currency for men to buy power, loyalty, and silence.

For women, the cold stone walls shrunk inward, thicker, taller, domineering.

They remain a suffocating force. 

A pair of rough, thick fingers curling around our necks.

Squeezing until the pride we carry shrivels up and crashes to the floor at our feet. 

Until all that remains is the last futile burst of energy born of instinct to fight for our lives.

The Scorpio Society owns us. 

Every moment that ticks by with my pretty little eyes wide open only confirms one truth.

I will never accept being owned.

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I’ve always known that Mr. Cooper hates me. 

And truth be told, the feeling is more than mutual. 

It doesn’t help that he’s also my best friend’s dad—and hot as all fucking get out. 

When I tag along with them on a trip to Prague over Christmas break, I expect the banter and the brooding glances. 

I expect awkward silences and teasing. 

But what I don’t expect is how possessive he acts when I go out clubbing, or the furtive glances he’s beginning to throw my way. 

And then one night, our tension reaches a boiling point—and Mr. Cooper unleashes himself upon me. 

I guess it’s true when they say hate is so very, very close to love.

Hating Mr. Cooper is an age-gap, student/teacher romance. It is taboo, but please know that the characters are 18+ and everything is consensual.

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This is a stand-alone, full-length, steamy contemporary romance. Tropes: sleeping with the boss, alpha boss, love triangle, strong heroine, second-chance love/childhood best friend. 

Brynn Hartley
There are three constants in my life: my BFF Lindy, my rising career, and my daily horoscope.

So why couldn’t the stars have told me a little more directly that I wasn’t going to get the job I’d been chasing, that it was going to an outsider, and I’d wind up drowning my sorrows on my twenty-eighth birthday having a one-night stand with a devastatingly handsome stranger?

Things only get worse when I finally meet my new boss, who just so happens to be the man I let do unspeakable things to my body all weekend. Pierce Abrams makes it crystal clear that he’ll stop at nothing to have my body again—even as he thieves my dreams from under me.

My silver lining comes when my childhood best friend, Noah Chance, pops up out of the blue after nearly twenty years with a deal I can’t pass up—along with a second chance at love.

Somewhere—torn between the pages of a forbidden romance with my new boss and a chance at the kind of love fairy tales are made of—is my heart. Is my destiny written in the stars like my horoscope said? Or will I crash and burn, consumed by the very love I never knew I was looking for?

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Nash Gentry. The boy who broke my heart. The boy I thought would be my forever.

Now, seven years later, he’s back in my small town.

And he’s anything but the boy who left. He’s all man.

I thought I put the past behind me, but when he walks into my bar, old feelings come crashing back.

Why’s he here? Why’d he come back now?

Does he still feel the same things for me?

Old flames die hard. Can we put past hurts behind us and move on?

Or were we always destined to be a summer fling?

This MM, second chance romance novella bridges the Denver Mountain Lions and the new Dixon Creek Ranch series, but can be read and enjoyed without reading the Denver Moutain Lions. If you want to read the series, find it here!

Summers in Seaside meant time with Nana, my sisters and an entire season at the beach.

Nana always took care of everything far in advance, so it shouldn’t be surprising that she’d planned renovations for after she passed.

However she failed to mention said plans to anyone.

So imagine my surprise, when I’m awoken by the blasting sound of a saw practically coming through my wall, the first official morning of summer break.

Not only did I come flying out of bed swinging, but I gave Ryan, the unsuspecting carpenter the surprise of his life, when I came wielding my killer coat hanger and all. Too bad, I was only in a tank and undies and it wasn’t nearly as effective as I’d hoped.

Of course, Ryan insists Nana paid for this project in full and he’s only doing his job.

But my sisters and I must make this summer memorable without Nana. It was her final request. I refuse to let a tall, pesky, sexy as sin, know-it-all get in our way. Nope – not a chance.

For the next few weeks, I do my best to pretend I ignore Ryan – until my youngest sister throws down a dare I can’t back down from.

Kiss the next single guy who walks up to the bonfire – or explain to my sisters why I get riled up over Ryan.

When Ryan suddenly appears, I know I’m screwed in more ways than one.

Not only will my sisters find I’ve been keeping a secret, but from the determined look on Ryan’s face, I’m afraid he’s eager to reveal it to the world as well.

What have I gotten myself into?

As I walk toward him, one thing is certain – this summer dare will either make or break me.

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Will their surprise wedding be their downfall or will it bring them a love that lasts a lifetime?

Navy SEAL Dalton Knight only wants a night drinking with his team brothers. The last thing he expected was to meet the other half of his soul.

Lina Maxwell knew she should have stayed at home. Drinking and dancing is so not her jam. When her drink is spiked, a knight in shining Kevlar insists he marries her to protect her from the demons who haunt her nightmares.

Will their surprise wedding be their downfall, or will it bring them a love that lasts a lifetime?


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