99c!! Sizzling Hot Cowboys BoxSet!

Sizzling Hot Cowboys is Layla Valentine’s complete blockbuster series of steamy cowboy romance novels. Six red hot, salacious tales of gorgeous western heroes, daring heroines, and enthralling romance await you, and all for a bargain price!

Second Time Round: The Cowboy’s New Twins:

He’s the exasperated ranch owner who needs a nanny, fast.
And the perfect candidate? His former best friend.
Once upon a time, they were almost lovers.
This time round, could they be in for even more?

Without A Hitch: The Cowboy’s Convenient Bride:

Montagues and Capulets, Barbers and Tates, what do they have in common?
Let two of their offspring fall in love, and something is bound to go wrong…
Could hated enemies become fated lovers once again?

A Baby With My Enemy:

A feud older than living memory,
A hidden passion, hotter than fire…
And a forbidden baby, turning everything upside-down!

The Billionaire Cowboy’s Homecoming:

He thought he’d left small-town life in the rearview.
He’s about to find out that, billionaire or not, he has a ranch to run.
And that’s not the only surprise that’s in store…

Rough Ride: Tempting The Grumpy Rancher:

Reclusive rancher, grumpy boss, gorgeous cowboy…
And unexpected new father?
My new start on the ranch didn’t go exactly to plan!

Back In Town: The Rancher’s Secret Child:

We loved each other before we knew what love meant…
How can we possibly pick up where we left off?
Especially when there’s an adorable ten-year-old secret in the mix?

Get Sizzling Hot Cowboys Box Set

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