Piper’s Pyro by Naomi Porter is now LIVE!


What happens when you combine a red hot rocker with a sexy MC princess?

A romance so hot it will melt your Kindle!!

Piper’s Pyro by Naomi Porter is now live!

Universal: https://geni.us/PipersPyro
Read it FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

They say never meet your heroes, especially the rock star.

They’re full of crap.
Who doesn’t sizzle between the thighs over the lead singer in a rock band?
This biker princess totally does! Or use to.
When the Knight’s Legion MC provides security for the Flaming Triads concert,
it isn’t the lead singer who melts me.

It’s the arrogant S.O.B. I hooked up with the night before the show.
Imagine my surprise when I discover he’s the backup drummer!

We’re explosive in and out of the bedroom.
There’s a darkness in Pyro, secrets he refuses to share.
That’s fine. I’m not that into him, so I tell myself.
He’s returning home anyway.

When I’m taken hostage, it changes everything.
Will Pyro give us a chance? Will I?
Or will my brothers decide we’re wrong for each other and force us apart?

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