Liam’s a single dad of twins and my best friend. So sleeping with him probably wasn’t a good idea.

A year and a half ago, I had it all. I was a school teacher and happily married to my high school sweetheart. And then he died. Shortly after the funeral, I spiraled into my grief. But by my side the whole time was my husband’s best friend Liam. He could cheer me up in a way no else could and his twin boys chased away the shadows.

Now, I’m like a phoenix, ready to rise and get my life together. And so are the feelings inside of me. Suddenly, I notice how wide Liam’s shoulders are. How deep his voice is, and the way his jeans— Well. I’ve noticed.

But Liam grew up the bad boy in our small town. I know he’s a good man, yet everyone else in my life is warning me away from him. They’re blaming him for my interest. I threatened the friendship I treasure by crossing the line, but I’m also making him and his kids more of an outcast than they already are.

I used to be known as the good girl, but I’m faced with having to rebel or let go of a man who makes me feel whole.

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I thought one night would be enough, but I was wrong. But I didn’t plan on getting addicted.

I knew she wouldn’t say no. No one ever does.

I have more in my life than any one man should. Money that can literally buy anything I want, enough power to control a city of millions, and a long line of willing women to fulfill every deviant desire I can dream up.

My life is exactly how I want it.
Until she stumbles into my perfect world.
An innocent that I have no business corrupting. Except that’s all I want.
I just have to figure out what she desires and twist it into something she can’t resist before she finds out the truth.

I want, no NEED, to own her.

An anonymous invitation, sex with strangers… What was I thinking?
Hell yeah. I need to get a life away from my past. That’s what I was thinking.

But I didn’t plan on getting addicted.

Or my past catching up to me…

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