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FBI agent Katie Dean thought she’d seen the last of her hot colleague after working on the Orion project, but her team leader tossed her right back into his path. Only this time, instead of a group of agents working on an assignment, it’ll just be the two of them. She can handle that…until her boss tells her how close she’ll be working with that sexy man from her past.

After working undercover gathering intel on the cartel, Zeke Ramon’s cover has been compromised, and there’s only one chance to salvage his hard work. Unfortunately, he’ll have to bring in the one agent who temps him beyond all control, and the nature of their new assignment will test him in ways he never anticipated. He just hopes when this is over, he’ll find the strength to walk away from her to keep her safe. He did it once. He can do it again.

Sparks fly when Zeke and Katie are thrown together to investigate a money laundering scheme involving an animal shelter, but there’s no getting away from their chemistry when they’re living under the same roof pretending to be a couple.


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A simple misunderstanding. An undeniable attraction. The one lie that could tear them apart…

Sam was barely in the door when Lizzie insisted he get his clothes off. Thinking this to be some sort of mischievous prank, Sam obliges. Little did he know she’d confused him with the life model she’d booked and wastes no time thrusting him into her senior’s art class. 

Unsure of how to handle the awkward moment, Sam literally grins and bears it. If nothing else, it puts him in the sexy art teacher’s good graces and allows him to scope out the village to get a feel for local opinion on the real estate development he’s planning. 

Lizzie soon finds herself falling for Sam’s charms. But the instant she learns the truth, she hardens her heart against him. Can Lizzie forgive Sam’s betrayal? Or will Sam end up losing more than just the shirt off his back?

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The three Darling cousins, each one more cruel and gorgeous than the last, rule the halls of Willow Heights like kings.
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None is worse than Devlin Darling, who makes it his personal mission to ruin his rivals.

Starting with me.

The Darling family owns Faulkner and everyone in it. They’re not happy with our new money moving into their small southern town, where they’ve held all the wealth, power, and privilege for generations. Their sons are the town’s royalty, and they aren’t about to give up their thrones to my brothers.

On my first day at the town’s elite prep school, I’m given one piece of advice. “Don’t make waves, and you might survive.”

Fine by me. I just want to keep my head down and start over in a school where no one knows my name or my secrets. When I make the mistake of crossing Devlin Darling, that dream is shattered. Suddenly, I’m an unwilling player in his twisted games, and everyone is watching. Waiting for Devlin to break me and bring me to my knees.

Too bad I don’t kneel for anyone.

Bully Me is the first book in a New Adult/high school romance suitable for readers 18+. If you have ANY triggers, this author is not for you. 

Perfect for readers who love:
+bully romance
+high school dark romance
+sports romance
+small town romance
+star-crossed lovers & warring families

A twist of fate brought Nikolaj and Edith together. Sinister evil swiftly drove them apart.
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What happens when everything you ever thought you wanted…isn’t?

Noel Carter had her life all planned. She moved to the right city and got a job in a restaurant above a kink club. She spent her nights down there, watching, learning. Being a Domme is all she’s ever wanted. Until one night, she catches the eye of the owner of the club and most infamous bachelor in town. Suddenly all her dreams get turned upside down.

One look. That’s all it took for Dane Vincent’s life to veer drastically off course. Everything he wants. Everything he desires. Everything he’s told himself he can never have may have just walked into his club. He’s made his fortune. He’s set aside his lifestyle. Is he willing to change all that for a woman? A woman who has no idea who he really is or the secrets he’s worked so hard to keep hidden.

She’s mysterious. She’s deceptive. She’s stunning. If Dane can untangle her desires…she may just set him free.

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Do you love Friends to Lovers romance?
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Well then we have a treat for you! Come read some great friends to lovers stories from these authors

Ashley Zakrzewski, Ireland Lorelai, Britney Bell & Hannah Blake, Holly Kerr, Mariah Kingsley, Annee Jones, Barb Shuler.

A stake a day keeps the demon at bay….
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Barely eighteen-year-old heroine Valentine Shapiro got a raw deal in the parent lottery. Her father was part incubus demon, and her mother’s never forgiven her for that. Life after high school is tough enough without having to go 15 rounds with your inner demon. Thrown out of the house by her mother, Val puts one foot in front of the other and does the only thing that seems to make any sense—she takes aim at the town vampires.

A stake a day keeps the demon at bay. (But don’t call her Buffy. That makes Lola, her demon, very cranky.) Her dark side makes everyday life a roller coaster, but means she’s perfect for her night job as a bounty hunter. San Antonio’s vampires are out of control, and it’s up to Val, her faithful hellhound Fang, and her new partner, a handsome San Antonio police detective, to get the deadly fangbangers off the city streets.

Soon enough she finds herself deep in the underbelly of the city, discovering the secrets of the Demon Underground and fighting to save those she loves. Whether they love her back or not.

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He was her high school bully. Now she’s his college professor, and he’s about to learn one hell of a lesson.

Shea Hunt has an attitude problem that started when he was a kid. When he’s fired for insubordination and returns to college to pursue his dream career, there is one class standing in the way of him getting into business school: an intensive writing course. And the professor teaching it just happens to be a girl he teased mercilessly in high school.

Dr. Zara Ames can hardly believe her eyes when one of the students in her intensive writing class is none other than her high school bully. It’s hard to put those painful memories behind her and offer him the extra help he needs to pass the course.

When the two grow closer than either anticipated, will Zara’s bid for tenure be thwarted by her lecherous department chair? And will Shea prove he’s never quite gotten past his authority issues?

This standalone contemporary romance novella is a bully romance all grown up, featuring characters in their forties, including a plus-size/curvy heroine. This novella was originally part of A Season for Love boxed set.

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