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The man she tried to escape becomes her deepest, darkest desire.


When she took refuge in my stables from merciless men, I could have excused my desirable squatters indiscretion, but then she ran from me.

I had to have this innocent beauty. I craved the chase.

She needs my help, but nothing is free in my world. I’m in a position to protect her, but it will come at a cost. Everything does.

But which one of us will end up paying the price?


I needed a place to stay for a few nights to get away from the brutal men my father owed a debt. I meant no disrespect. I had no idea the stables belonged to a rich, powerful, and unforgiving older man with a dark history.

He offers a solution, but it comes with conditions. If I want his help, I have to enter into a savage deal with him.

He’ll rescue me from the men who seek to use me as revenge against my father, and in exchange, I have to give him anything he wants, including my virginity.

If I continue to run, my father’s enemies will hunt me down, and sell me off to the highest bidder. If I stay, I fall prey to a man who wants to possess me. Either way, I’ll never be free.

Fans of dark, troubled heroes won’t want to miss this sexy romance by USA Today Bestselling Author Ella Jade.


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