Knocking Boots is on SALE for 99c!!

Knocking Boots is on sale for a limited time!

A sexy bartender. A bet that leads to a fake relationship. And some sizzling sexual chemistry. All the things you can expect from Knocking Boots. Here’s a sneak peek…


In only a minute, I’m naked from the waist up, completely bared to him.  My breathing comes in ragged.  This is so wrong, but I don’t care anymore. 

“Fuck,” he says, cupping my breasts with his hands.  “You’re so damn beautiful, Grace.”  There’s a sense of awe in his voice that I wish I could focus on, but his deft fingers have my head thrown back in an instant. 

When he tweaks my nipples, sharp shocks of pleasure and pain shoot straight to my clit and I gasp, thrusting myself deeper into his hands as my back arches.

“Yes,” I moan.  How long has it been?  Too long.  Far too long.  

I only look back at him when he bends down to take my nipple in his mouth.  I grip his head and groan, unable to process the sensation of his tongue on my flesh any other way.

Rucking up my skirt, he reveals the white lace thong I’m wearing.  He kneels and kisses my knee as he pulls down my panties, casting them aside.

I try to close my knees, but he tsks at me.

“Open your legs for me,” he commands, glancing up at me.

The hunger in his eyes is undeniable.  I slowly part my thighs, holding his gaze.  There’s something so erotic about it, something taboo.  It sends goosebumps down every inch of my body.

Charlie pulls my ass to the edge of the desk, and I tense a bit.  Nerves pricking along my skin.  Using a hand on my stomach, Charlie gently reclines me, whispering to ‘relax’.  He trails kisses up the inside of my thighs raising heat everywhere on my body.  Scorching me and forcing my hips to undulate.  His splayed hand warns me to stay still. 

He teases me before his kisses reach my pussy, trailing down the seam. I shift in place as he uses two fingers to part my lips. I’ve never been like this with a man. So close and intimate. With my eyes open, I stare at the ceiling, barely seeing a thing and feeling every single thing. When he stops, I glance down at him, my lips parted and my chest rising with heavy breaths.

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