Never have an affair with someone with less to lose than you.

Widowed Police Chief, Daxon Mertz, suffers from an irreparable broken heart.
Municipal Treasurer Natasha Kane is a divorcee who has sworn off men.
Out of nowhere, love knocks, but can their relationship survive a financial fraud investigation?

A drug investigation turned deadly for Daxon Mertz. Witnessing the murder of his wife and unborn child, he left his big city job to become the police chief of a small town. Closing his heart, he threw himself into his work, to forget all he’d lost.
Divorcee, Natasha Kane lives with the small town gossips still whispering about her cheating ex-husband and the much younger woman he preferred. Building a wall around her heart to avoid further hurt and scandal, she fulfills her days as the finance director for the city and safeguarding taxpayers’ money.

When over a quarter of a million dollars goes missing from the city’s treasury, Dax finds himself investigating Natasha, the person with access to the treasury and most recently, his heart.

Feeling the hurt all over again at the betrayal of a man she loves, Natasha finds herself Dax’s prime suspect. What will the gossip mills say now?

How do they overcome suspicion, betrayal of the heart, and scandal?

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If one is good, three must be amazing.

Gabe knew it was love at first sight when he met Sierra. Now, she will be his wife, and he wants to give her the world. He doesn’t want her to long for anything. Especially in the bedroom. A woman like Sierra makes all the men turn their heads. A pact with his army buddies ensures Sierra has it all.

When Bryce and Marcus come over for dinner, Sierra begins to wonder why they seem particularly affectionate toward her. Gabe assured her he will be comfortable with whatever transpires that night, but when the kisses and hands begin to linger, Sierra’s heartrate notches up. Can she truly take what they are offering?


Every day she battles the dark voice whispering to her to end it all.

Ruby Hatcher escaped human traffickers, and she has her life back, but a nagging voice at the back of her mind keeps telling her the world would be a better place without her in it. When a home invasion throws her together with Detective Judah Willow, she learns that she’s not as alone as she thought.

Judah wants to ask Ruby out, but he knows about her traumatic past and won’t push her into doing something she isn’t ready for. But when Ruby gets mixed up in his latest case, he is determined not only to keep her safe but also to prove to her that not all men treat women like property. Earning her trust and her heart will push him to confront his own turbulent past, but if it helps Ruby, it’s worth it.

The only problem is the random home invasion wasn’t so random, and Ruby’s life is once again in danger.


Since retiring from the special forces, I’ve set up a team of elite personal security guards.
But I wasn’t expecting the daughter of my first client to be such a brat.
Adrianna thinks she can play me, but she needs to be taught a lesson.
I’ll be the one to take her over my knee.
She needs to learn that the only game I’m playing is for keeps.

Protecting His Brat is an OTT age-gap romance featuring an older military hero and a young curvy virgin.

If you love over-the-top heroes who will do anything to protect the woman they love then this one is for you!

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