THE FOREVER ONE, book 6 of The Escort Series, by N.O. One is releasing on February 23rd!!

Preorder this MAFIA-DARK ROMANCE today!! 

The Forever One #6: https://geni.us/TheForeverOne


Hell hath no fury like a scorned mafia queen.

They couldn’t have my blood so they went after my husband.

Only now, they realize their mistake.

Underestimating me.

Full blurb coming soon!

The Forever One is book 6 of The Escort series and the final book in the series. Each book must be read in order as they are not standalones. 


The Rich One #1: https://geni.us/TheRichOne

The Kinky One #2:  https://geni.us/TheKinkyOne

The Filthy One #3: https://geni.us/TheFilthyOne

The Broken One #4: https://geni.us/TheBrokenOne

The Almost One #5: https://geni.us/TheAlmostOne

Fun Tip: N.O. One are two authors writing under one name. It has become a fun game with readers trying to guess their identities. They will be revealed in March at their first book signing!

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