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For years, I’d been on a quest
To find the men who killed my father.
We trusted them
And respected them
Because they were family.
But they signed their death warrants the day they betrayed us.
One by one, I’ve made them all pay for their sins.
Revenge drove me to this place of darkness.
But when I pulled the trigger that last time,
Finally putting an end to the hunt,
I sealed my own fate
And committed a worse sin.

MAYHEM is the prequel of the new Italian mafia series, MEN OF MAYHEM, by USA Today Bestselling author Kristen Luciani.

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Can Cassie survive the emotional roller-coaster of being trapped in the mountains with the cowboy who broke her heart?

Cassie fell head over heels for cowboy, Sam Baptiste, when she was sixteen and visiting her cousin in Redding, California. His rejection shattered her heart, and she’s spent the last ten years ignoring love. Sam showed her leading with her heart is dangerous, and she’s grateful to him. But now they’re stuck on the same train. Good thing the train is long and she has a ton of work to keep her busy and away from Sam.

Sam never expected to run into the girl who’d snuck into his place a decade ago and tried to seduce him. Or to be forced to travel with her on a weekend train trip along the West Coast. The problem – Cassie’s all grown up now, far too fascinating, and most likely hates his guts. But when an obstruction on the tracks traps them together in the mountains, they’re each forced to confront not only past hurts, but also the simmering spark between them.

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An OTT age gap short and steamy romance.


When I escape for some air to clear my mind before the most important business call of my life, I don’t expect to find a woman dancing barefoot in my Zen Garden.

The last two years of my life have been spent working toward this business deal. But now all I can think about is her.


Dad’s drinking is getting worse, and it’s starting to lose him clients. So I step in and take over the gardening business.

But who knew our most profitable client was such a silver fox? He’s older than me, confident and handsome. The kind of man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to take it. And I think what he wants is me…

Hot, New, & Steamy!! A Best Friend’s Brother Mafia Romance.
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A passionate encounter with my best friend’s Mafia boss brother and what do I get?

An unwanted romance… 

and a positive pregnancy test! 

My top priority in life is finishing school. 

But when my best friend’s brother Vincenzo saves me from a terrible date, 

I am forever in his debt.

I could not refuse his offer when he asked me to be his fake fiancee, with the promise of a fully paid scholarship. 

The only problem is that Vincenzo is a sexy notorious Mafia boss with an ice cold personality.   

and is used to getting what he wants. 

This is a win-win situation for us both. 

But my best friend is angry, which can turn this into a lose-lose quick..

Then there happens to be that little unwanted twist of ours.

The secret that could tear us apart because I’m too afraid to tell him – I’m carrying his baby.

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