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Missed Opportunities Romance: The Romance in France Collection

ALL FOUR books of my Missed Opportunities Romance series are in ONE place with the release of the boxset, Missed Opportunities Romance: The Romance in France Collection.

The boxset will be available to read for FREE with a Kindle Unlimited membership, or you can pre-order your copy for the limited-time price of just $0.99!

Pre-order now!

Think your ship of dreams has sailed? Think again!

Enter daytime TV legend Queenie Abara and her Missed Opportunities Mission!

Outspoken, larger-than-life TV personality and talk-show host Queenie Abara forever changes the lives of the women she helps by providing them with the chance to find fulfillment (and love) through her Missed Opportunities contest.

What do the winning Missed Opportunities Princesses receive? An all-expenses paid 8-week trip to the South of France with everything needed to fulfil their dreams and create their new reality.

With help from Queenie’s loyal “minions” and the kind locals of the charming village of Villeneuve du Lac, our Princesses rediscover what it means to shoot for the stars and follow their hearts’ desires – and perhaps even meet the love of their life along the way!

Immerse yourself in the idyllic French countryside with Leigh Jenkin’s Missed Opportunities Romance series. Each contemporary romance follows one of the contest winners as she makes good on long-forgotten promises she once made to herself. Bonus? Each dream is lived out in one of the world’s most romantic places – the South of France. Ooh-la-la!

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