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It was love at first sight when I met Mr. Cane.

He was handsome, broody, tattooed, and rich. For years, he’s been mine. He just didn’t know it.

I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with him, or for him to want me in the ways that he did.

None of it was ever supposed to happen, but after all we’ve done together, it’s too late to turn back now. A once harmless crush had blossomed into so much more.


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Former Navy SEAL, Stone Jacobs, with help from Hank Patterson’s Brotherhood Protectors launches a mission to rescue his team of mercenaries stranded in Afghanistan after US withdrawal.

Undercover as a journalist, international assassin, Kyla Savage is performing her last assignment in Afghanistan. She baulks when she discovers her mission is to kill a man who doesn’t deserve it. Kyla wants out of the business, but her handler would rather see her dead than let her go. Trapped by the Taliban with a team of mercenaries, her only way out is to allow herself to be swept into a daring rescue by a sexy former Navy SEAL. The mercenaries and Kyla are transported back to the States and rehomed in Yellowstone, Wyoming.

With his team of former SEALs turned mercenaries, Stone sets up a Wyoming division of Brotherhood Protectors at his father’s lodge in Yellowstone. Struggling with his attraction to the ballsy journalist, Stone hires Kyla as the team communications expert not realizing the full extent of her military skills or his growing feelings for her. When her past comes to call, the team rallies around her. Together, Stone and Kyla fight the enemy determined to silence an assassin and surrender to their desire for each other.

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Heartbreaking love after torture.

Damaged and destroyed that’s what Vivian thought she was. Rescued from a sex slave collector she isn’t even half the woman she was before she was kidnapped. Now she needs to learn to deal with all that comes in the aftermath.

Death and destruction that’s what Timothy thought he brought to his team. Until he sees a woman that calms his inner demons and eases his pain. He’ll protect her from even her shadow if she’d let him.

But is Timothy strong enough to hold Vivian together as she shatters around them? Is Vivian willing to trust a man with her heart when she’s not sure she even has one anymore?

When her mind is triggered by the code word will they both survive ‘The Collector’? Or will they break?

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