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He was supposed to protect her, not risk both of their hearts…

Enjoy this steamy dark and dangeorus bodyguard romance novel today….

Hawkeye Commander Garrett Young has an impossible assignment: protect heiress Charlotte Connelly—without letting the stunning beauty know he’s her bodyguard. Since she’s stubbornly refused protection, he can’t reveal why he’s romancing her on her secluded ranch hideaway.

After her fiancé’s crushing betrayal on the eve of their wedding, Charlotte is determined not to trust a man again. She’s definitely not interested in another relationship. But when she meets devastatingly handsome Garrett, his mysterious, powerfully dominant alpha ways melt her resolve. 

Charlotte soon finds herself opening the heart she swore was shattered, and she’s falling hard. Then Garrett’s dizzying web of lies crashes down, leaving her raw and hurt and unable to believe anything he says. But when her life is on the line, can Garett convince Charlotte that he truly loves her before it’s too late?

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Where there’s “Smoke”, there’s bound to be fire.

A smart SEAL knows when it’s time to pack it in. After 12 years on the teams, and a horrific mission that stretched him to the breaking point, Steve “Smoke” Tannen is transitioning to civilian life and a new job helping other vets who’ve forgotten how to see the world in shades of grey.

One spot of color is his pretty next-door neighbor. Delicate features, chestnut hair—and a fight-or-flight wariness in her grey-green eyes that triggers his protective instincts.

Samantha Applehoff would be laser focused on her goal of owning a coffee and bake shop—if she wasn’t always looking over her shoulder. She can’t shake the feeling she’s being watched, and now a secret admirer’s leaving gifts in her locked apartment.

To make matters worse, she’s not sure if her eerily quiet, unfailingly courteous, undeniably hot new neighbor is making her less anxious… or more.

The attraction is instant and their connection is real. But when Sam’s fears strike in real life, Smoke has only one shot to save her. And it could cost them their own happy ending.

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A former Army Ranger with an attitude. A stubborn new neighbor with a body to die for. A stalker who just might make that happen.

I hope you enjoy Kash and Emily’s story. Book 1 in my Army Rangers special ops

Former Army Ranger Kash Walker isn’t afraid to take a risk. Risk taking is his specialty. But now that he’s survived yet another dangerous mission in Afghanistan, he’s exhausted and looks forward to rest and relaxation. The fewer problems, the better as far as he’s concerned.

Emily Jones knows how to handle anything that comes her way. It’s what she’s done since her parents were killed in a freak accident. She took on the role of parent to her brothers and sister and wouldn’t have it any other way.

What begins as a pleasant siesta from the horrors of the world soon transforms into the last thing Kash needs—a noisy tenant in his rental property next door. The biggest surprise is the lone adult of the bunch. She is definitely something to look at from the back, but the noise coming out of that backyard is more than he can handle.

As Emily settles into life in the new house, she looks forward to a life with her younger siblings, but someone is determined to make sure she never feels safe. She doesn’t know why, but she’s sure someone is following her. Now the only question is… should she enlist the help of her handsome yet grouchy landlord or can she tackle this problem on her own?

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The animal trainer vs. a dominant billionaire. Who’s training who?

Animal trainer, Jessica Kingston, thinks it’s just another job when wealthy businessman Jacob Daniels hires her to train his willful puppy, but the way he crushes her lips when they kiss says otherwise. Daniels has set his sights on dominating her, undertaking an irresistible seduction that leaves Jessica willing to do anything he requires.

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When a flight delay turned into a one-night stand, I thought I’d never see him again.

Sure, getting a free hotel stay courtesy of a rescheduled flight was fine. Meeting an annoyingly hot stranger who couldn’t keep his eyes—or hands—off me? More than fine.

While having the best sex of my life with someone I barely knew was beyond amazing, it was not something I do. Ever.

When I walked into First Impressions Advertising to shake the hand of my new boss, memories of our steamy night came flooding back.

Sloan Forrester—devastatingly gorgeous and insufferable to the extreme. Suddenly, I was his employee?!

Starting a new job was bound to be challenging. Working with a boss that wanted nothing more than to seduce me again?


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