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My family drove me out years ago over my powers, and the Ruthless Kings took me in. But now the thing that drove me away, my visions, is failing. Who am I without them?

I buried my past when I left it all behind. Now I’m no longer Nicholas, I’m Seer. The one who can see. My visions may be unpredictable, but they are always reliable.

Now I’m losing my power.

What use am I to my family, my brothers, and my club if I can’t see danger coming?

This power has caused me so much grief. Now that I’m losing it, I can’t imagine life without it.

And then there’s this woman… She comes to me like an angel. She’s come to help me, and she does, but not only in the ways that she’d planned.

I need to make her mine. I need to show her that a life with me is worth more than anything we could have apart.

And I need my powers back. But that means facing the one thing I’ve been running from my whole life… my family.

Am I strong enough to fight for my power and the place I carved out for myself in the Ruthless Kings without losing the woman I love?

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My entire life was mapped out from the moment I took my first breath. For years I’d been shaped into the perfect enforcer for the motorcycle club. 

We ran the state and controlled everything coming in and out. But the judge in town threatened that.

Bribes never failed…not even with him.

He was trying to make an example out of us, but he’d made a mistake. He’d shown one of his cards, a fatal flaw in his plan.

His daughter.



The opposite of my chosen taste.

But that didn’t matter when it came to protecting the men who were my family.

The task was simple: use her to get to him. But I hadn’t expected her touch to ignite a roaring fire inside of me. 

I’d lived by a set of rules my entire life, but the most important one was to protect my family. No matter the cost.

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A tip straight from the Billionaire’s Handbook: Do not get involved with your business partner’s daughter. 

Bonus tip: But if you’re the prick who does, just be sure to not get her knocked up…

Believe me, the Billionaire’s Club can be tough. 

Money brings risky temptations and I’m used to getting my way.

Yet, Ashley Somersby’s assets are off-limits.

You can’t buy self control, and I needed a sh*t ton.

Her father entrusted me to give her a lesson in business.

But when we got stuck together, she ended up with a hands-on masterclass in takeovers and mergers.

I wasn’t looking for love again.

Because I can’t let anything disrupt the safe sanctuary of my son’s life.

But now that Ashley’s pregnant, all bets are off…

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For His Eyes Only is a stalker romance novella.

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