FREE!! Dark Gang-Mafia Romance!

Blood will be shed.

Lives will be lost.

Retribution will be dealt.

I work in the darkness that is Black Creek.
If there’s a secret to uncover, a package to deliver, or a story to be told, I’m your girl. I’ll do whatever it takes to provide for my little brother.

Once upon a time, The Feral Beasts ruled Black Creek with an iron fist, but they’re long gone now. The Antonelli family stepped in, only caring about their family and their money.
I’ve heard the whispers… The Reaper Rejects are growing and they want control of Black Creek. But this town isn’t big enough for the both of them.

When the leaders of the Rejects ask for my help, I’m reluctant. Trouble follows gang life. I shouldn’t want to get involved, but Oliver knows just how to tempt me, and the pain in Cain’s eyes calls to my need for vengeance.

A war is coming and this town has never been more deadly.

***Black Creek is a dark gang-mafia romance intended for adult readers. This is book one in a four book series that will ultimately end in an HEA. The FMC will end up with multiple love interests. Please see front of book for trigger and content warnings.

Series reading order:

  1. Rebels & Rejects
  2. Murder & Mayhem
  3. Damaged & Deadly
  4. Chaos & Carnage



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