It was love at first sight when I met Mr. Cane.

He was handsome, broody, tattooed, and rich. For years, he’s been mine. He just didn’t know it.

I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with him, or for him to want me in the ways that he did.

None of it was ever supposed to happen, but after all we’ve done together, it’s too late to turn back now. A once harmless crush had blossomed into so much more.


When we first met, she was just a kid – my best friend’s daughter. A sweet, young girl with a big heart. But now, she’s a young woman who knows what she wants, and all she wants is me.

I’ve tried holding back, pretending the connection meant nothing, but my sweet candy cane made it impossible. If anyone finds out, I’ll be ruined. I’ve worked too hard to lose everything I’ve built. But there’s just something about her that tempts me, making me want to sacrifice just about anything to have her.

Former Army Ranger with an attitude. A stubborn new neighbor with a body to die for. A stalker who might just make that happen…

Former Army Ranger Kash Walker isn’t afraid to take a risk. Risk taking is his specialty. But now that he’s survived yet another dangerous mission in Afghanistan, he’s exhausted and looks forward to rest and relaxation. The fewer problems, the better as far as he’s concerned.

Emily Jones knows how to handle anything that comes her way. It’s what she’s done since her parents were killed in a freak accident. She took on the role of parent to her brothers and sister and wouldn’t have it any other way.

What begins as a pleasant siesta from the horrors of the world soon transforms into the last thing Kash needs—a noisy tenant in his rental property next door. The biggest surprise is the lone adult of the bunch. She is definitely something to look at from the back, but the noise coming out of that backyard is more than he can handle.

As Emily settles into life in the new house, she looks forward to a life with her younger siblings, but someone is determined to make sure she never feels safe. She doesn’t know why, but she’s sure someone is following her. Now the only question is… should she enlist the help of her handsome yet grouchy landlord or can she tackle this problem on her own?

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You know what they say about trouble…if you go looking for it, you’ll probably find it.
But I wasn’t looking—at least that’s what I told myself when I met him.
Wrapped in a bespoke suit and twenty years older than me—Cyrus Gates, the heartless billionaire of Chicago and my new professor.

I should have known from that first meeting, when his lips curled into a devious grin, his dark eyes raking their way slowly over my body as my stomach flipped.

I’m merely the innocent little prey to his insatiable predator.

When I moved to Chicago for college, I promised myself I’d let loose, but here I am in my last semester of grad school and I’m still the same good girl.
Inside, there’s still a woman who wants to explore the world on her own terms, dying to break free, dying to know what’s behind those dark eyes.

With a reputation like his: cold, calculated and every bit the domineering powerhouse the world makes him out to be, Cyrus is the kind of man I should run from.
The kind of man that gets off on conquering anything and anyone.

But he comes to me with an offer I can’t refuse—a publicist job at the most prestigious public relations firm in Chicago tasked with cleaning up his image.

The catch…he’s the client.

But this isn’t just an innocent game of cat and mouse—it’s a lesson you learn the hard way.
He’s risking losing a multibillionaire dollar deal of a lifetime and I’m risking my entire future.

Just when I think there’s a happily ever after in our sights, he pulls the rug out from under me and I’m left with a target on my back from his enemies.

He warned me—he isn’t the kind of man you just walk away from unscathed, but I didn’t listen.
Instead, I dove in head first with a heart of glass, falling for a man who doesn’t have a heart at all.

Looking For Trouble is a VERY steamy, slow-burn age-gap romance filled with suspense! This book is a complete standalone with no cheating or cliff-hangers.


Blake Montgomery has lived in his older brother’s shadow his entire life. Everyone expects him to play football just like Brandon and go to the same college. However, Blake doesn’t care what everyone else thinks. His focus is on being the life of the party and eventually owning his own nightclub. He has no interest in settling down with one woman.

Until he meets Stacey.

Over time, she works her way into his heart, becoming the first woman he can see a future with, but Stacey has aspirations too. She wants to be a backup dancer for a popstar one day, and she’s not sure Blake fits into her plans.

Especially when she falls for someone else.

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If you love steamy baseball romance, you’re in the right place. These sexy, swoony heroes fall hard and will do anything for the women they love. These are all standalone romances in the Dallas Longhorns series, so settle in and get ready for Dylan, Hunter, and Jake to sweep you off your feet!

This boxed set includes standalone books 1-3.

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