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A star can’t belong to just one person, but her jealous heart can’t share him.

Graham was born to be a star.  

Once upon a time, that star shone only for me.  

Now, I have to share him with the rest of the world. 

For a while, I thought I could do it.  Because, beneath the hypnotic smile, gorgeous body and God-given charm that made him famous, I still caught glimpses of my best friend.

Of the boy who called me sunshine and loved me. 

I wore that love like a crown . . . until he placed it on another’s head. 

Losing him was agony, distance felt like the only cure.  

When tragedy reunites us after years apart, it only takes one touch to erase the past.

Just like that, I’m back in his arms. 

He promises this time will be different.  But I’m afraid to believe him. 

Because behind his star’s blinding brilliance is a darkness that doesn’t want to let him go. 

I know a star that bright can’t belong to just one person, but my jealous heart doesn’t want to share him.

I want all of him . . . even if wanting what doesn’t belong to me leads me to ruin.

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I knew I should’ve stayed away from my powerful client’s hot bodyguard 

I was closing my clinic up when a random crazed man attacked me.

Weeks passed after the attack and I started to get my memory back from amnesia.

I began having flashbacks of a familiar sexy military type hunk rescuing me.

Then I realized the hot man stuck in my head was my client’s bodyguard.

He was the one who rescued and kissed me that night.

Now he’s pretending he doesn’t even know me.

On one hand I’m so furious at him my heart rate rapidly increases.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t waste a second jumping into bed with this jerk.

I know this could become a conflict of interest and…

This situation is like playing with fire, but I don’t care.

Could this be the beginning of the end between us or something else?

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He’s so far out of her league, it’s ridiculous…

New to the Big Apple, gifted photographer Iris Donovan is crushing on her big brother’s biz partner like a schoolgirl. What a joke—as if Mr. Superhot Billionaire would even glance twice! That’s not to say she can’t dream up dirt about the alpha god, all alone in her cramped walk-up. Incredibly, filthy fantasy becomes passionate fact, and Axel makes Iris his. Until it all goes wrong, in the most wicked of ways.

He can’t keep his hands off her. But he’s damaged goods…

Ax Jameson is a hard man. Cold and focused, the tycoon has shoved his painful past in a big black trunk and deep-sixed the key. His empire is all that matters, and women are a casual convenience, up until sweetly seductive Iris hits town. He’s got to claim this beauty, even if it means betraying his best bud’s trust. Every stolen moment is supreme, before fate decides this lovesick fool doesn’t deserve a happy ending.

The Virgin and The Iceman. Is it too late for a second chance?

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