Rules are made to be broken…

Royce Blackstone has one rule: Never get personally involved with his clients.

As the owner of Harper Security Ops, Royce is well aware of everything and everyone inside his building. When he’s about to go in after the biggest lead on latest case that’s landed on his desk, Royce didn’t expect he’d have to abort the mission early.

It might have seemed like Tarryn Hendrix was simply looking to learn some new skills, but dedicating two years of her life to training her mind and body is all part of Tarryn’s plan.

She’s seeking retribution, and she has every intention of getting it.

Unsure if she’s aware of just how much danger she put herself in, Royce lashes out at the woman who’s been training at his facility. But when he realizes just how determined Tarryn is to mete out justice, Royce resolves to get to the bottom of the case before Tarryn gets hurt.

And now that he’s gotten a taste of her, Royce thinks it’s time to break the rules.

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Where wanderlust, sisterhood, and true love collide…

Growing up, I believed in infinite possibilities. I wished on stars and let my imagination prepare me for the unknown. The older you get the more you realize that you have power. You have been given the free will to control your own path. Jump into your destiny feet first. And I knew for certain that no matter how much power I had, time was a luxury that would never be mine.

Unlike my mother and father, who were happy to live out their days on a Native American reservation in Colorado, I wanted to explore, to experience the many splendors the world could provide…before it was too late.

I couldn’t avoid the siren’s call of the big, wide-open world.

What I didn’t know was my life would be filled with challenges, highs, and lows the likes I couldn’t have prepared for. I have many bittersweet memories and even more where the sweet outweighs the bitter. Despite it all, I wouldn’t change a thing.

My experiences, my choices, have led me to where I am. Helped form the woman I’ve become.

A wife.

A mother.

A woman at peace with her destiny.

My journey has been rife with uncertainty, joy, fear, love, hate, strife, sacrifice, and everything in between. I’ve experienced unbelievable pleasure and gut-wrenching pain. Some may despise me for the choices I’ve made. Some may applaud them. Either way, I lived for today.

My name is Catori…and this is my story.

Disclaimer: This title contains graphic depictions of sexual acts and is designed for mature audiences 18+. Trigger warnings for – Open Marriage, Multiple Partners, basically anything considered rather taboo. What is included:
Native American Heroine
Active Duty Soldier
Instalove w/twist
Accidental Pregnancy w/twist
Native American Culture/Reservation Life
LGBTQ+ friendly
Wanderlust + Travel

This book can be read as a complete standalone, as book 1 or as book 4 in the Wish novels. Intriguing… keep reading!

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Reader discretion is advised as this story contains events that may upset some readers. 

He wants what he can’t have.

OBSESSED. He hunted her.

DESPERATE. He blackmailed her.

RUTHLESS. He refused to back down. 

Alexander Kingsley is fixated on two things. Revenge and Lilianna Mayberry. Only she’s not quite as enamoured with him and his need to control her.

When Alex discovers that Anna isn’t as meek and innocent as he first suspected, his pursuit turns into a fight to the death. After all, in a world where the Maddison clanand the Black Shamrocks MC are natural-born enemies, there were only two possible ways for this to end…

Kill or be killed.

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It’s hard to keep ignoring the guy you had a one-night stand with when he’s the son of the boss at your new internship.

Gabby thought she was hitting the one-night stand lottery with a man who lived thousands of miles away. She thought she was safe giving him her virginity.
Until she shows up at her internship to find out they’re co-workers who are partnering up for their next project.

She hates his family.
His family hates her.
They’re risking it all.
Risking everything for stolen touches in his office and makeout sessions in elevators.
But what happens when they get caught?

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Nash Gentry. The boy who broke my heart. The boy I thought would be my forever.

Now, seven years later, he’s back in my small town.

And he’s anything but the boy who left. He’s all man.

I thought I put the past behind me, but when he walks into my bar, old feelings come crashing back.

Why’s he here? Why’d he come back now?

Does he still feel the same things for me?

Old flames die hard. Can we put past hurts behind us and move on?

Or were we always destined to be a summer fling?

This MM, second chance romance novella bridges the Denver Mountain Lions and the new Dixon Creek Ranch series, but can be read and enjoyed without reading the Denver Moutain Lions. If you want to read the series, find it here!

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One royal error in judgment was all it took for me to lose everything.

I’ve wasted years waiting to get my life back, and I finally have an opportunity. It’s a simple undercover job—but with a catch. A thirteen month-old, crying, diaper-wearing catch. Because I’m not going undercover as a cook, or a driver. I’m the new manny.

If it will get me back in the royal family’s good graces, I’ll grin and bear it. Even on the worst days, I know this will be worth it. I’ll keep my head down and do my job.

But it’s getting harder and harder to ignore my forbidden attraction to the baby’s mother.

The attraction that could ruin my last chance to get back in the palace.

So I’ll just get back in her bed one more time…

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