When the only way is up

Out of luck, out of hope, and out of diapers, Poppy Williams is so far out on a limb she’s clinging by one broken fingernail. On a last-ditch road trip to save her young family, Poppy finds herself stranded in Twin Elks, Colorado, and—quite literally—throws herself at the mercy of the local Police Chief.

Strong, silent-type Police Chief Ben Crowe has seen it all until Poppy’s minivan runs a red light, and she leaps into the road begging him to arrest her. Done with love and marriage, he is suddenly drawn into the tangled lives of Poppy and her four lively children.

In a town filled with warm, funny characters, Poppy finds the helping hand she needs to build a new life for her and her family, while Ben must learn to trust in what he believes is impossible—the healing power of love.


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